Angelic mantra to get in touch with God

The Angelic Mantra is a powerful and short spiritual sound formula capable of awakening consciousness. Through the practice of the Mantra, it is possible to get in touch with God, the Angels, or with our higher self, to recall the best part of us. Thanks to its calming and relaxing function, it is an excellent practice to get rid of anxiety and stress. It is present in both Western and Eastern religions and is gaining more and more importance.

Angelic Mantras are powerful words that allow us to get in touch with the highest spheres of the Universe. Angels love simplicity and rhymes so when you recite an angelic Mantra, they will listen to the sound of your voice and answer your prayers.

These small and particular prayers are very effective because they are addressed in a precise way to the various angelic types. Just as when you address someone with the correct title, the answer is immediate, when you pray to a specific angel, he will answer you.

Using a Mantra is really simple, just memorize it or write it down on a piece of paper and repeat it several times throughout the day. Although they are most effective when spoken aloud, if you can’t do it don’t worry, the angels will listen to you even if you repeat them silently within you. Recited in silence, they have infinite possibilities of being repeated throughout the day.

When reciting a Mantra, and more generally whenever one turns to the angels through a supplication or a prayer, it is useful to start the communication by saying please and conclude it by thanking. Always remember to use these two magical words, even when you have the impression that you have not received any response, because in doing so the angels will not be able to help but listen to you.

Angelic Mantra here are some examples

Basic mantra, for all purposes

Lord, please
show me the way.

Angelic mantra to listen to the voice of the angels

Messenger of Light,
I know that you are close by,
please open my ears
and let your voice reach me.

Mantra for protection

My beloved guardian angel,
please protect me
with immense power
both day and night.

Mantra for expressing gratitude

Heavenly Angels,
I thank you,
for having listened to my prayer
and have come to my aid.

If you want, you can create your very own angelic Mantras yourself, ask the angels to help you and they will surely suggest the right words.