Ariel 46th kabbalah Angel Meditation prayer

Ariel 46th Kabbalah Angel’s qualities are knowing how to live, sensitivity, delicacy, self-confidence, and self-knowledge. Understanding of one’s mistakes, firm spirit, and remarkable constancy. A propensity for science and medicine thanks to an acute intelligence that makes him inclined to scientific studies and research, and the ability to understand the secrets of nature.

In fact, the angel gives the possibility of achieving sensational discoveries – especially concerning Nature – and revelations in dreams. Hakamuli is the name of the angel who counteracts Ariel Angel’s actions on earth. It represents useless activities. It brings self-doubt, restlessness, and sadness. It causes mental confusion, paralyzing doubts, and a weak spirit. It inspires inconsistency and tempts fragile spirits to lead them to evil.

Ariel 46th Kabbalah Angel Meditation – absolute certainty

To explain this meditation, Yehuda Berg gives as an example the – Heisenberg uncertainty principle – which represents the keystone of quantum mechanics. This principle states that it is impossible to determine both the position of an object and its momentum simultaneously and exactly. A fact from which there are evident, important philosophical implications.

A kabbalistic point of view suggests reversing our view of things in a possibilistic sense. If instead of affirming when I will see it I will believe it – we affirm it when I will believe it I will see it, our life would open up to new, real possibilities. Above all, starting from the faith in our destiny, in the sense of things, in the fact that the right things for us are already happening.

By also accepting chaos. In fact, we will realize that its duration and that of pain are inversely proportional to our degree of uncertainty.

Now focus your vision on the Guardian Angel Name, Ariel, without thinking about anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention – meditating on this Name I fill my heart with all the qualities that come from trust and security. Certainty, conviction, firmness, serene stability, and the absence of any fear.

Ariel Angel 46 of Kabbalah is the Guardian Angel of people born from 8 to 12 November. Other days of his presence as Birth Angel are February 22. May 6, July 20, October 2, December 13. Every day he is present from 03 pm to 03.20 pm. Ariel’s traditional guardian angel prayer is Verse 9 of Psalm 144.