Astral travel is not a journey within ourselves

Astral travel is not necessarily a journey within ourselves. If this is true, the landings can be infinite. And it is equally true that in us, there is the necessary threshold to access every place. And this by virtue of that communication between the unconscious of individuals, with the collective unconscious from which everything has sprung and from which everything will return.

Believing that astral travel takes place in the fantastic space of our mind. It means validating modern synthetic theories that identify the mind with the universe and tend to encompass everything in it. Our mind is only the user interface through which we relate to this world, and we shape our actions. But it turns out to be a blunt instrument in the astral plane. Where our soul takes on relevance, as the vehicle necessary to make every journey. Experience teaches us, that besides the physical body there is more, and that the imagination gives direction, while the fantasy brings illusion.

Within us, there is the threshold to reach the astral dimension. But once this threshold has been exceeded, and the entropic leap has been paid for, it is up to the traveler to move, with the necessary awareness. In this territory, once a natural manifestation of the human being, and now a mysterious adventure.

Subworlds, an astral reflection of our dimension, and higher worlds make up the Astral Plane, without a certain boundary solution. We can mentally divide the astral plane into the above-mentioned classifications. It is understood that in the ebb and flow of the astral light there is only intuitive continuity. And that therefore there is no abode for fractures of any kind.

The image of the Nordic tree gives a representation of what has been said. The underground world, in which the roots of the tree sink (where the demons of ancient traditions dwell). The trunk, the world of men (which is reflected in the astral). And the branches that rise towards the sky (the superior worlds: of pure ideas, and of harmonious beauty). The uniqueness of the tree is the truth, and not its parts, which as such are chimeras. To divide is to sin, to unite is to create.

We can delve into the depths of our inner worlds, an experience that I consider necessary for anyone who really wishes to evolve spiritually. But we can also move into the astral double of our world, or head towards the Upper Worlds. Where to get in touch with the teaching that is professed in the astral Gnostic Churches. All this is in direct relation to the ability of the individual traveler, to his mastery of the technique, and to his energy reserves.

In the subworlds, we will find identification not only of the unconscious mechanisms. But also of those identities engaged in the eternal personal struggle between Knowledge and Ignorance. Reality and Illusion, Awakening and Sleep. In addition to the Lords of this world (Archons) who sink the roots of their power and their existence in the abyss that opens up, under our plane.

The astral double of our world is represented by our daily life. Where we find ourselves interacting and moving as along the path we travel every day. Everything has a double, which finds identity in the astral. But not everything that subsists in the astral has a counterpart on our dense and slow vibratory plane. It will then be possible to review friends, the working environment, or the study environment. Although this could lead to confusion. And consequently the traveler’s inability to fully realize that it is an astral and not a dream. Certainly, it is useful to ask ourselves, how many of our memories, to which we attribute real consistency, are the result of unconscious astral.

The higher worlds are deputies to knowledge. In them, there are the astral times, and the masters, the divinities, the teachings necessary for our evolution. If the heart and understanding are pure we will not be denied access to them. If the doors of the Temple open it will be possible to enjoy, through images and symbols, precious cognitive experiences, in charge of our spiritual development.

The first shrewdness, which the astral traveler, must follow is to realize in which direction we are moving forward. As the art of deception takes on sophisticated contours in the astral. Where skilled spiders continuously weave new places and situations to plunder the victim of his heritage. This situation often creates confusion in our memories. In fact, let’s ask ourselves how many memories we are certain of, and how many memories or sensations can be borrowed from astral travel. The same deja-vù can be either the remembrance of a previous life or the memory of astral travel. This type of problem occurs when the astral is involuntary when we are not aware of it.

The frequent situation as we usually sleep even when we think we are awake. This is why he presents it, the active scrutiny of sensorial reality, allows us to be active travelers in our non-sensorial activities. During the day, during the usual daily tasks, let’s ask ourselves if we are awake or if we are sleeping. This diligent attention will also have repercussions in astral activity, and we will finally become aware of ourselves, and of our actions.