Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning of the 47th Name of God

Ayin Shin Lamed contains the concept – I know the ways that lead from below to the top – ways to take with the decision and full confidence. Hesitation is the starting point and the only real enemy of people protected by the vibrations of this Name. They soon learn about the gravity force that the majority exerts on each individual.

The dense network of frustrations, of resignation, of expectations in which most accept to live – and which in the Name of the Guardian Angel (Asaliah) is depicted in the letter ayin, the hieroglyph of yielding and of the trajectories that slope downwards.

Since adolescence, these people have felt that they are different from all this, but that they have to be in the most obvious way for as many people as possible to know that there are other bold, bold, straight upward trajectories.

So every time a young man is satisfied with half measures he feels a sense of anguish, and the opinions of others bore him after a few seconds. When criticized – no matter whether rightly or not – his eyes sparkle with anger or contempt that he can only hide with enormous effort.

Impatience burns in his chest, his face, and his muscles are those of an athlete waiting for the start. If he still does not spring forward, it is only because his mind – vast, deep, clear – has not yet identified a destination high enough for him, among the low clouds of banality he sees around him.

So they feel in their youth it can happen that they wait a long time, years that for them are a tormenting eternity. It can happen in the darkest cases that the starting signal catches them when they have already let themselves be harnessed in an oppressive marriage or in an employment unsuitable for them, and moving then is like tearing away a piece of one’s flesh.

But when the time comes, they must not hesitate, suddenly (especially women) they jump into some brilliant career and face and overcome risks. They overcome obstacles and opponents with an energy that grows in proportion to the success achieved.

At that point, as in a missile that comes out of the atmosphere, they only lack one last stage. Admitting before them their most special quality which is always being right – a very lightning-fast instinct that allows them to distinguish in every circumstance or person the true from the false, the right from the perfidious.

So from then on reject not only the criticisms but also the advice of friends and experts, and not considering any consideration even the needs of loved ones or business associates if they conflict with their own. Then nobody stops them anymore and they build empires.

Sometimes they are wrong, of course, but it is not a problem for them, they know that nobody is as wrong as they are. Even in their mistakes, there will always be something providential, the seed of some new intuition to decipher. Maybe a test that fortifies them, or the occasion for a break during which to gather strength and clarify the ideas to start more resolute.

Above all, they know that no mistake should shake their self-confidence. Because in this case their upward trajectory would curve and the anxiety would start again, clouding their view, it would cause other errors, then still others, and the missile of their energy would lose its course and break on the ground.

According to the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, Ayin Shin Lamed is the 47th name of God and the Name of Asaliah Guardian Angel.