Bless your money, financial help prayer

Bless your money and bless your existence. When you bless someone or something, a divine protective light shield is created. Wishing that everything that comes into your life is for your good.

Bless your money and everything you have

Bless your life, your job, the new day, your partner, your children, your family, your friends, bless everything you do or have.
Stop for a second and bless the person around you, you can also do it mentally (I bless you).

Bless your body no matter if you are sick or healthy now Bless it and fill it with light, love, mercy, and forgiveness. Bless your relationships, it doesn’t matter if you are alone, because you integrate. Bless your work.

Bless your existence, no matter if there have been painful experiences, these are simply the traps to overcome and grow.

Then may your God, the universe and the Angels bless you and protect you, fill you with wisdom and understanding, guide and enlighten your every step.

In the meantime, I bless the good in you, your light, and your shadow and I bless the universe that lives in you.

Prayer for the use of the money of Saint Teresa of Calcutta

O Lord,
you have revealed to us that our Father in Heaven
he will take care of us, in the same way, that he takes care of the lilies of the fields and the birds that fly in the air.

You who didn’t even have a place
where you can rest and lay down your tired head,
please teach us,

teach us to have faith in God’s providence
and not to trust in our human greed.
Greed has never made anyone happy.

Make us surrender to You
making us instruments of Your will.
Bless the money that is used in the world

so that the hungry can be fed,
the naked,
the poor taken to heart,
the sick cured.