Caliel 18th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Caliel Angel gives righteousness and impartiality in the face of life. The qualities are integrity, clemency, reflection, honesty, the ability to judge with discernment and generosity, the ability to remain silent. Thaniel is the name of the angel of the abyss who counteracts Caliel Angel’s actions on Earth.

It represents slander and injustice. He inspires cynicism, indifference, causes scandalous trials, and animates those who try to tangle the processes and get rich at the expense of the client, who lives by deceiving others.

Caliel Angel Meditation – Fruitfulness

The energy of this Name is in fact intimately connected to the divine action of reproduction, to be understood both in the literal sense and referred to as giving birth to ideas, dreams, projects, and being able to fulfill them. The preliminary meditation to focus on is that we are never autonomous creators of our works. But the tools that, by welcoming divine energies, give them manifestation.

Believing oneself the true origin of abundance and successes is a mistake that can also lead to their drying up. This Name provides the vibration we need when our plans fail, or we try in vain to conceive a child.


Now focus your vision on the Name Caliel, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be permeated deeply and for a long time by its meaning, pronounce this intention.

By the power of this Name, the projects are completed, I achieve balance in the professional and family environment. Fertility and prosperity fill my being and my life (or the lives of the people I pray for). By the divine gift transmitted by the energy of this Name, I will be able to form a family and welcome children.

Caliel Guardian Angel of those born between 16 and 21 June

Other days as a birth angel are April 7th, June 21st, September 4th, November 15th, January 26th.
During the day from 5.40 am to 6.00 am
Air element
Zodiacal domicile from the 26th to the 30th of Gemini

Through invocation it is possible to obtain: practical intelligence, prompt and lively memory, justice and success in the judiciary.

Caliel Angel Powers and Gifts

Love – Loving a person of a lower cultural level will be convenient and a source of great satisfaction. In the couple, one and the other will have a noble and elevated behavior and together they will reach the level of perfect Love. Innocence, candor, integrity, kindness in the small actions of everyday life.

Money – Sufficient but moderate economic success, nothing more. Transparent fees. Clean money, even if it comes from quarrels or won trials. High salaries as a magistrate or as an employee in the office of a notary, lawyer, accountant, legal advisor

Health – Caliel Angel regulates the hair and skin. It can be invoked to treat baldness, excessive hair loss but, above all, it should be invoked to prevent or heal any skin ailment or skin disease

Career – Those born in these days will receive honors at work. Magistrates of great fame, great lawyers capable of convincing with their dialectic, are easily able to convey their certainties. Reputable policemen, also capable of defending the innocent. Success in activities related to justice.

Esoteric initiation – These born will understand Divine Justice, will express it, and will at the same time be magistrates and magicians. They will know the Cosmic Laws, those that allow the realization of every miracle

Caliel Angel Prayer

Noble Angel
spirit-root of Life, engine of the World,
deliver me from heavy material burdens,
and limiting rules and measures.

Erase the consequences of my mistakes.
Purify my feelings and thoughts.
Let your Divine Essence descend on me.

This is how I could live more intensely
and be more useful to my life companions,
to myself and to the Divine Work of the World