Caliel Guardian Angel, born from 16 to 21 June

Caliel Guardian Angel is the most direct collaborator of the Archangel Zaphquiel (who in turn grants individuals the space-destiny in which their dramas will be lived). With a master’s hand, he directs the values ​​of edification of the Material World, which constitute his specialty.

In the same way, the person inspired by the divine influence of Caliel will carry out his projects in conformity with the divine energies, without any will and without unnecessary blooms, and will bear a strong mark on his professional environment.

The person born under this Divine influence will be honest and guided by a sense of justice, endowed with practical intelligence and excellent memory; therefore particularly suited to the judiciary, a profession to which Caliel grants success and justice. His energy is revealing of the Truth, and thanks to him, through the protected people, the truth can be shown in an incontestable way.

The individual will be able to express it where necessary: ​​he will not illustrate doctrines, theories, moral principles, but will be able to bring material evidence, scientific or anecdotal evidence; technical or creative evidence of inner evidence.

Invoking the help of Caliel is always important when you are involved in a difficult situation (especially of a procedural nature, with relative length and obstacles), in which you know you are right.

Caliel Angel of Justice

Whoever is born under this angelic influence is intelligent, irreverent, charismatic, and has strong personal magnetism. He has extraordinary intuition when it comes to discovering the truth by looking at the true intent. He does not like what is vague, abstract, always wanting to understand everything in every detail.

Great wit, enormous patience, and perseverance analyze any situation coldly and objectively. He is incorruptible, loves justice, truth, and integrity, analyzing with love every small manifestation of daily life. Your logic will be unassailable. He is a true “magician” who can perform miracles because his faith is unshakable.

Caliel Prayer – Prayer of Protection –  Psalm 7:9 

Caliel Meaning – God who grants or God who is ready to help and grant