Celestite the stone of angels how to use it

Celestite is the stone of angels, also known as celestine it is a stone with strong vibrations. That allows us to connect with the angelic realms and with the guiding spirit. It also stimulates the opening of the third eye and clairvoyance. However, it is mainly healers who use it, celestite helps eliminate negative energy. It is used for the cleansing of the etheric field. It opens us to healing, but also to divine messages that come to us through dreams.

Celestite is linked to the fifth chakra. It is therefore perfect for fostering communication both with others and with oneself. Also, it is considered useful for the thyroid. You can also use it in crystal therapy treatments to work with the seventh chakra.

Celestite Healing Benefits

An ally to relieve tension, headaches, and various eye-related ailments. If you are following a path to eliminate toxins, celestite can be of great help.

Benefits for the mind

Use it when you are feeling particularly stressed. Somehow it manages to give you the right mental balance to see things from the right perspective. You will find that you can solve your problems in a much more harmonious way, including inner turmoil.

Celestite stimulates creativity

Wearing it when you have to give a speech in public, helps you to speak much more clearly and honestly with the listener. All in all, it makes you more objective, less fossilized on the small problems, those that repeat themselves in an obsessive way in your life. It makes you more honest and communicative.

Benefits for the spirit

On a spiritual level used for contact with the angelic world, the spiritual guide, and more generally the higher realms. You can use it for the purification of the aura and in meditation. It favors high thoughts, helps you to bring to the surface what has been stagnating in the unconscious for some time.

Turn pain into the experience. Stimulate prophetic dreams. If you are doing deep introspective work in this period, know that it can be a valuable ally. She brings inner peace and helps you to transform anger into constructive energy.

Celestine how to use it

Remember to keep it in a clean environment as much as possible of course. Try not to keep it where there are electric fields or any energy stagnation. Do not expose it to sunlight, as it will spoil. The lunar energy is much better.

In the bedroom for prophetic dreams

You can keep celestite in the bedroom, to get much clearer and more prophetic dreams. When wearing it, keep it as a pendant to stimulate communicative clarity.

Use it in meditation

In my opinion, you can use it in combination with selenite, the effects are really interesting in meditation. If you want to get in touch with the angelic realms, you can use it together with aragonite or Angelite. To stimulate intuition, combine it with amethyst.