Evil eye prayer and popular healing method

Evil eye prayer is uttered by the healer who has the gift of knowing how to stop and eliminate the harmful effects of this condition. After a series of rites with water and oil, the healer recites the evil eye prayer to permanently eliminate the evil eye.

The effects of the evil eye occur as unpleasant events that happen sequentially and without a clear reason. Low vitality, yawning, and a persistent circle in the head affecting the area above the eyes.

Who causes the evil eye?

Envy, jealousy, anger, resentment, and even backbiting cause negative energies to shift from one individual to another. By attacking, perhaps even involuntarily, his psyche and influencing his daily life. The evil eye is not passed between strangers, but generally between people who know each other or who have known each other in the past. Or people with whom you’ve probably already had a few quarrels.

Performing the rite to remove this curse is the person to whom the gift was handed down on the night of Christmas. Chosen for outstanding sensitivity and emotional intelligence by an elderly family member. The healer will never ask for money as compensation, the return could compromise the success of the spell. And transform the benevolent act into unfavorable repercussions for the healer himself.

According to the peasant tradition, he can still accept basic necessities out of gratitude. The healer knows that the gift is not magic, but a talent granted by the divine. Helping others is an act of love for one’s community.

When is the ritual to eliminate the evil eye done?

The best time to perform the rite to drive out the evil one is after sunset. The arrival of darkness refers to the night of Christmas, the same night in which the healer receives the gift. In fact, during the winter solstice, the sun comes in its weakest phase in terms of light and heat and seems to fall into darkness. But then it returns vital and invincible on the same darkness, and on December 25th it seems to be reborn. That is, it has a new Christmas.

What do you need for the rite?

The healer is equipped with a ceramic deep plate, similar to those for soup, a jug full of water, and a small coffee cup where a few drops of olive oil are kept.

Procedure to eliminate the evil eye

The person who suspects that he has been struck by the evil eye is sitting next to the healer, in silence, avoiding crossing arms and legs. The healer takes the jug and, holding the plate with his left hand, fills the plate with water. With his right thumb, he makes the sign of the cross three times towards the forehead of the person who turned to him.

As he traces the signs of the cross, the healer whispers the secret words that have been handed down to him. After he has finished tracing on himself, he three times the sign of the cross. Then, still, with his right hand, he consecrates the plate by touching the four edges, top, bottom, left, and right, mentally repeating the other secret words foreseen by the rite.

At the end of this phase of the ritual, the healer then dips the right little finger into the cup with the oil. And pronouncing the last sentence of the ritual – outside the evil eye inside Mary – three times. He drops four drops of oil from his little finger to form the points of the cross inside the plate full of water. If the drops remain stationary, the result is negative and the ritual ends. If in contact with water the drops of oil tend to reach the center of the plate, escaping the touch of the cross and unite, it means that the evil eye is there.

It is a fundamental moment because, whether the result is positive or negative, the applicant’s psyche begins to accept the difficulties that have occurred. And relieves the sense of frustration and disarmament towards unmanageable energies, the victim can be saved. The healer reassures him by saying that they will continue the ritual a second time and, if necessary, a third time.

What if the evil eye is confirmed?

The water inside the dish is thrown away and the ritual starts all over again. It starts with the crosses to the person who has the evil eye, to the healer, to the plate and the rite of pouring drops of oil into the plate must be repeated two more times.

Generally, already from the second time, the – eyes – represented by the drops of oil, are smaller in size and hardly reach the center of the plate. In fact, almost always, at the third test, the oil remains stationary, which means that the evil eye has been eliminated. The applicant immediately feels a sense of lightness and in a few minutes the headache, that persistent and difficult circle in the head, vanishes.

It may happen, however, that the evil eye is reluctant to disappear because it was done by an evil and powerful person. Or again, it may happen that the oil, instead of expanding on the plate, disappears. This is not a good sign, it means that we are faced with an evil eye that has been present for some time and therefore more difficult to eliminate. In this rare case, and only on this occasion, the – eyes – are blinded by casting the wax of a candle over these drops of oil. In other cases, cut with scissors, and you have to repeat the ritual the next day.

Where to throw the water of the rite against the evil eye

As some healers suggest, once the curse against the evil eye has been concluded, it is important not to throw the contents of the dish down the drain at home or into the toilet. The advice is to throw the contents of the dish outdoors, at the sea, in a river if possible, or in a public sewer. It is important that the water that contains negative energy is eliminated in running water, never stagnant.

Again, avoid throwing the contents into the soil or near a plant or tree because as living beings they could absorb evil. If you are unable to find a river or a public sewer, you could throw the contents of the plate even on the asphalt of an intersection (crossroads). Tradition has it that the intersection of four roads is a magical place.

Evil eye prayer from the ancient peasant tradition

This ancient evil eye prayer has been passed down for generations by people from the same community.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I speak to you with contempt ugly eye. I cast you out in the name of God and of Mary and of the Holy Trinity, if (name of the person whose evil eye is being removed) has the evil eye going to end up in the sea.

Five were who saw you
Four were the ones who spotted you
Three were those who chased you away. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity, if (name) has the evil eye that it ends up in the sea.

I banish envy
I banish the murmurs
I banish the evil eye
I banish the gossips
I banish the jetting
I banish the magic

I cast you out in the name of God and of Mary and of the Holy Trinity, if (name) has the evil eye that it ends up in the sea.

Five were who saw you
Four were the ones who spotted you
Three were those who chased you away. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity, if (name) has the evil eye that it ends up in the sea.
Outside the evil eye inside Mary,
outside the evil eye inside Mary,
outside the evil eye inside Mary.