Financial help prayer to Almighty God

Financial help prayer, here you can find some Prayers to solve your financial problems. The world has been in an economic crisis for a long time now, and during this pandemic, financial problems have worsened further. More and more people are suffering from this situation, unable to give a dignified life to themselves and their loved ones, now on the verge of poverty. Simple daily expenses become a real business. Let us address this prayer for help to our Creator and trust in him.

Financial help prayer to Almighty God

May Almighty God is blessed. Please listen to me and show me the way, give me your support and help in these difficult times. My Lord, help me to get out of this situation, to resume my journey, give me the strength to fight and start over.

I am a hard worker, as was your beloved St. Joseph, make sure I can work and live a dignified life for my loved ones and for myself. Help me to solve my financial problems, through your beloved son Jesus Christ be my light, illuminate my path.
Be Blessed, Amen.

Financial help prayer to find work

Here is a financial help prayer to find work addressed to our Lord. In this period, the economic and social crisis makes it extremely difficult to find a good job. And then let us entrust ourselves to our Creator.

My Father, I adore you, be blessed. Please always be by my side and guide my every step. Help me find work for me, for my family, in order to have a peaceful future. Please, my God, guide me and make sure that I can find a dignified job and that allows me to live in peace.
After the prayer to find work recite the Our Father Prayer.

Financial help prayer to Lord

Oh Lord,
it is true that man does not live by bread alone,
but it is also true that you have taught us to say
Give us today our daily bread.

Our family is going through
a period of economic hardship.
We will work hard to overcome them.

You support our commitment with your grace,
and move the hearts of good people,
because in them we can find help.

Do not allow nor lack
nor the possession of the goods of this world
take us away from you.

Help us store our security
in you and not in things.
We pray to you, Lord
serenity return to our family
and we never forget who has less than us.

Financial help prayer addressed to Lord of the universe

Lord, you created the whole universe
and you have endowed the earth with wealth sufficient to support
all those who live there, come to our rescue.

Lord who thinks of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air,
you dress them and feed them and make them prosper,
manifest your paternal Providence upon us.

Help us, Lord: as our salvation
can only come from honest and good men,
put the sense of justice in the heart of our neighbor,
honesty and charity.

Look at our family, who confidently
expect daily bread from you.
Fortify our bodies. Cheer up our life,

because we can more easily correspond to your divine grace
and feel that about us, about our worries and anguish,
your Fatherly love watches over.
So be it.

Financial help prayer for job seekers

Remember, most compassionate St. Joseph,
that it was never intended to tell the world that anyone,
resorting to your protection,
begging for your help and asking for your patronage,
has been abandoned by you.

Animated by this confidence too I turn to you,
o Virgin Father of virgins.
I come to you, repentant sinner,
prostrate at your feet to ask for mercy.

Do not want, O putative Father of the Word,
despise my pleas, but kind listen to me and hear me.