Haaiah 26th Kabbalah Angel Meditation and Powers

Haaiah 26th Kabbalah Angel urges people to produce wealth and wealth in the interest of all. To put their charisma at the service of justice and not of the desire for power. Haaiah Angel 26th gives great inner strength and attraction for divine things. And also refinement and diplomacy, universal brotherhood, justice, prudence, receptivity, pacifism, benevolence. Incorruptibility, propensity for justice and the law, and for diplomatic activities.

Haaiah Kabbalah Angel grants success in politics, diplomacy, the judiciary, as well as in police and espionage activities. Diralisen is the name of the dark angel who counteracts the actions of this guardian on earth. It represents trials and hardships, difficult winding roads. Inspires conspiracy and betrayal, paranoia, destructive chaos, authoritarianism.

Haaiah 26th Kabbalah Angel Meditation – order from chaos

The tendency of things to go wrong manifests itself when the harmony between the multiple dimensions of existence is broken due to wrong behaviors and emotions that reverberate even on those who are not responsible for them.

Now concentrate on the Name Haaiah without thinking about anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. For the energy of this Name, order emerges from the chaos that seems to prevail over harmony. Balance and serenity are restored between the seven days of the week. The things that can go well will go well, the goodwill finds its way without obstacles.

Haaiah 26th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – For love to be true and lasting, one of the members of the couple must be conservative. The other component must not be traditionalist, but idealistic and optimistic, always launched forward, towards a better future. This is how peaceful love will grow.

Money – Magnificent economic success in important roles in society. Ambassadors, spokesmen for the president, special envoys, UN delegates, European deputies, the Red Cross, UNESCO. Emoluments, bonuses, bonuses, very substantial wages. Wealth in the performance of services and in obedience to great personalities

Health – Haahiah great protector of the whole bone system, of the skeleton. He protects especially in case of falls. Recovery of strength thanks to a diet rich in calcium.

Career – Successful in the functions of factotum of trusted men of great personalities in the political, economic, or religious world. Secretaries of an entrepreneur, organization of political meetings, honest and scrupulous executors, efficient workers, true spokespersons for the demands of superiors

Esoteric initiation – Undisputed leader of a group of friends, initiated into the higher sciences of Knowledge. They will apply the law of heaven as well as that of the earth in their daily activities. This is how they will constantly receive even more light.

Haaiah Angel 26th is the Guardian Angel of people born between July 28th and August 1st. Other days of his presence as a birth angel are April 15 – June 29 – September 12 – November 23 – February 12. Every day from 8.20 am. to 8.40 am.

Element – fire
Zodiacal domicile from the 6th to the 10th of Leo

Through invocation, it is possible to obtain – success in politics, diplomacy, the judiciary, as well as in the field of police and espionage activities.

Traditional prayer of Haaiah angel 26th – Verse 145 Psalm 118