Haamiah Guardian Angel Born September 29 to Oct. 3

Haamiah guardian angel protects the person from all forms of negative energy including accidents, while on the collective level dominates all religious cults. His energy wisely doses the energies of Mars and those of Venus, which are thus vitalized from one another, and causes the beauty and harmony of the Upper World to descend towards our material world.

In these days some eminent personalities were born whose influence was expressed in ways and directions that seem opposed, but which revolve around the same eternal struggle between the forces of peace and those of war …. by Enrico Fermi, one of the minds whose work was crucial to the advent of the atomic bomb, to Mahatma Gandhi the absolute icon of non-violence.

Haamiah Guardian Angel associates material fullness with human work. People are driven to extract the riches from the material sphere. If they do not know how to carry out this work inside themselves, extracting all the hidden beauty from their own bowels and from their heart.

They will know how to do it at least on the body of the Earth, bringing to light natural treasures or acting for physical beauty, for example through architecture. Those who invoke Haamiah will get Peace, Love, Art, and Spirituality. Also as regards money, it can be very active, as the Company will make it to the person, even in the form of money, as it owes to it in relation to its past activities.

In the Haamiah personalities there is a constant presence of extreme moral rigor and a strong yearning for spirituality. His days include 2 very important dates on the level of angelic energies as a whole: namely September 29 (day of St. Michael, the archangel warrior at the head of all the angelic hosts), and October 2 (the day dedicated to the Guardians Angels).

But precisely for this reason, the opposing energies of this angel represent dark and destructive forces, in turn powerful. The energy of Haamiah defends us by helping us to see the essential, and by assisting us in creating useful patterns to plan our life.

Haamiah Prayer – Psalm 90:9