Habuhiah Guardian Angel, born 25 to 29 February

Habuhiah Guardian Angel favors the harmonious fusion of male and female energies. With your intervention, we can create perfect works. The images he depicts in the interiority of the person, push him to work obtaining success from his work. The abundance of results (economic, sentimental, spiritual) will be obtained in the type of activity that the person has chosen.

And everything will become profitable and fruitful (even more so when fertility is important, such as agriculture or the breeding of animals). When Habuhiah Angel exercises his divine energy on a person, he has a mission to accomplish. In effect, the individual is mobilized by his Ego so that his drawing firmly roots its roots in the existential framework in which it must develop.

Habuhiah is an angel that makes you fearless, which drives you to love adventures. Its exceptional power makes the latent conflicts explode, for its action, everything is brought in full light and finds an immediate solution. The abscesses break out, the diseases dissolve, everything is repaired, all recover health and rediscover the joy of living.

The individual will not be fully aware of this dynamic but will act according to a rational logic whose meaning escapes him but bringing everywhere around him reparation and rebirth. Angelic influence extends from the health of people (which helps to heal and keep away from disease) to the maintenance of things, to fertility in agriculture and among animals.

Between man and woman, Habuhiah Angel is a source of great harmony, his feminine nature infuses courage and power in women; the male Habuhiah people, in turn, are capable of empowering women by their great capacity for attachment, understanding, fidelity, which makes them powerful supporters and allies of the women themselves.

Habuhiah Angel of Healing

People born under this divine influence have class, are elegant, noble, and selfless in their relationships, because of their mastery of spirit. Your good mood is contagious. He is powerful, intelligent and with his profound analytical skills, he can catalog everything that comes into his hand, cutting off what he does not care about.

Your honest conduct will be protected against weaknesses and negative influences. Often you will think doors are closed, but you should know that for each door closed, your Angel will open many more doors for you. He will give his future to God with complete security. It brings together within it: freedom and integrity – it enchants anyone anywhere.

Motherly spirit, helps everyone, sometimes even naively. To progress in your path, you must use your ability to harmonize the relationships between the nearest people, taking care not to leave any damage or rancor.

You will approach only with the help of your angel, to the right people with whom you have an affinity. Equipped with protection from the elementals, especially those related to the earth, may need to stay in touch with the field, where his intelligence is manifested and gets the best ideas.

Habuhiah Prayer – Psalm 150:1Confitemini Domino, quoniam bonus, quoniam in saeculum misericordia eius.

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