Hahahel Angel 41st of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Hahahel Angel 41st urges to love in order to love, his angelic energy makes love as necessary as water and makes it impossible to act otherwise. By indulging the generous impulse to love, we will obtain the strength which, in addition to dissipating personal problems, will enable us to help others and the world.

The qualities developed by Hahahel Angel are great energy, greatness of soul, meekness, high spirituality and mystical sense. In fact, he gives a disposition naturally aimed at the spiritual vocation and develops the qualities of Christic love, return to faith, understanding of the Divine Laws. He grants success in careers dedicated to teaching, spirituality and solidarity.

Amalin is the name of the Angel of the Abyss who contrasts the actions of Hahahel Angel 41st on earth. It represents apostasy, infidelity and the tendency to deny, causes betrayal and violence. Inspire those who have spiritual authority to abuse their role.

Hahahel Angel Meditation – Self-Esteem

According to Kabbalah, the deepest self-esteem develops in us when we become aware of how much divine energy is present in us, as part of us. Meditation on this Angelic Name helps to achieve this awareness.

Now focus your vision on the Name Hahahel without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be permeated deeply and for a long time by its meaning, pronounce this intention. With the divine energy of the letters of this Name, I am connected to the power of the great ancient Masters to heal every area of ​​my life. Including health problems, financial difficulties and personal conflicts.

Hahahel Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born from 14 to 18 October. Other days of his presence as Birth Angel are February 17, May 1, July 15, September 27, December 8, every day from 1.20pm to 1.40pm. Guardian Angel Prayer of Hahahel is verse 2 of Psalm 119.