Haheuiah Guardian Angel Born July 17 to 22

Haheuiah Angel source of Life and Health because it reflects the Cosmic Mother. The protection she gives, in fact, is also the ability to guard what is around us, her gift is also linked to the providential help that she can provide to the sick. Haheuiah is in the closest position to our material world, where she shows herself in her maternal aspect of giving birth and protect the lower life.

Her energy instills understanding and guidance to understand Natural Law and through that understanding, find the spiritual path. Also, for this reason, the people protected by this guardian have the gift of restoring health and moral integrity to those who have lost them. According to traditional texts, this angel helps the exiles, the fugitives, the prisoners and solves their difficult situations.

This happens because exile, imprisonment, escape is also the result of interior situations. the Angel can help us understand how what happens to us is also a direct consequence of our actions, which is why the severity of the consequences loses necessity and can disappear. On the level of feelings, Haheuiah infuses human nature with austerity that leads to considerable reserve, without showing off affections.

Haheuiah Angel of protection

In people born in these days, The Heavenly Law is deeply imprinted inducing them to renounce to exercise their powers and their dominion in general. For this, the person will have a strong ability to tame his emotions, and also to maintain rules such as fasting and abstinence, perseverance in concentration.

Those born under this divine influence live with their family for a long time. Often even after marriage, he tries to live in close contact, living almost daily with his relatives. He is a person with great spiritual strength, maturity, and discernment, he is a great friend, with whom everyone loves to live.

He has analytical intelligence and seeks answers within religious concepts, for everything that happens in the world. You will be very concerned about the safety aspect, whether in the family or in the group or community.

Haheuiah Meaning – God good in himself. Haheuiah Prayer Psalm 32:18Behold the eyes of the Lord are on them that fear him: and on them that hope in his mercy.