Haiaiel Meaning, God the Lord of the Universe

Haiaiel meaning, God the Lord of the Universe, according to the kabbalah this angelic name gives foresight and even prophecy, intended as tools to understand and transform evil into good. The people protected by this guardian will thus be free and intelligent people. Active, committed, who set life towards goals of liberation from conditioning and slavery.

Haiaiel Angel teaches to distinguish good from evil, without the possibility of error. You help us carry out activities aimed at achieving personal independence and freedom from conditioning with commitment and intelligence. He gives courage and strength of mind and guarantees us constant protection.

Haiaiel Meaning in the Horoscope

Love – Your heart is agitated and feels ready to rebel. Perhaps it is because you are indifferent to those who are waiting for your Love. If you cultivate a secret love, you give birth to a new love in the person next to the previous one. We must stop this confusion and return to the first love

Money – Advance towards an extraordinary situation. Despite the difficulties, you will have substantial benefits in activities that are considered sterile. Establish friendly relationships with people of your level, they will be able to invest funds in your projects.

Haiaiel Meaning of Healing – Angel Haiaiel regulates the digestive system. Recovering your soul form, meditate on the nature of all the changes around you. To predict the behavior to be held and thus avoid any very nervous harm.

Career – Your situation is full of possibilities. But the flaw in your internal organization is that you do not know how to take advantage of it appropriately. However, these possibilities are there, and your consciousness will soon be enlightened to make you choose the best path

Haiaiel Meaning – Esoteric Initiation – You must proceed to the purification of the higher tendencies, the ones that must play the main role in the new era that is coming.

Haiaiel Angel is also known as Haiayel, Hayiya’el. He is the Guardian Angel of people born from 11 to 15 March. Anyone can summon this guardian angel with traditional prayer – Psalm 108 verse 30