Happiness is a state of our consciousness

Happiness is a state of our consciousness, everyone is looking for happiness, and yet we are all unhappy. Because there is no clear vision of the nature of happiness, which results from a careful and rigorously scientific study, as well as profoundly psychological of ourselves.

Happiness is a state of our consciousness that springs from the depth of our real being, of our true self that is reached by introspective meditation.

We could define happiness as … a beautiful Lady … who avoids showing herself, showing us the obvious fact that all those who seek her land in sadness. Happiness does not consist in possessing things, in objects of pleasure or joys that come from outside, but in being our true being; his secret is not in having but in truly being ourselves.

The pleasures of the senses, fleeting and momentary, are shipwrecked in pain and sorrows. They are evanescent, lacking in content, while the pains and pains they cause last a long time. Only the man or woman who is at the lowest levels of material life seeks joy in material enjoyments.

Joy often becomes disillusionment, malaise, cloudiness of intelligence, weakening of the will, impending death, and very sad rebirth because it costs so much suffering.

Man ascends the ladder of happiness, towards bliss at the level of mental evolution in which he finds himself and how normal man finds joy in the pleasures of good living, so that the reborn seeks joy in values ​​in the highest values ​​of life and it rises towards the higher dimensions of the Spirit.

In this journey, in this adventure to which man goes to join himself with the Principle, it is necessary to make use of introspective meditation, self-analysis, self-confidence, and inner Logos which illuminates every man.

The honor the fame and reputation that men seek, in the illusion of having happiness are illusory. Even when they arrive without being asked, the reborn man is not touched by them and the deceiving beauty of glory does not alter him.

Because he is well aware that they are things that are found in the minds of others, while happiness is intrinsic to the individual and his inner state. Happiness is the flower that blossoms, it is the fruit that matures, that of your harmony with the Infinite that is already within you, which is your deepest Self and your inner reality.