Harahel Angel from 20th to 25th of Capricorn

Harahel Angel from the 20th to 25th of Capricorn guarantees the possibility of realizing our projects and expressing our talents in medicine. It allows you to access the means of communication, using ready and concrete intelligence. It supports us in passing exams and in intellectual activities in general.

It helps us to be successful, to be wise, and honest. It facilitates us in convalescence and protects us from explosions and fire. Harahel Angel protects those born between 11 and 15 January.

Harahel Angel Horoscope

Love – The darkness disappears, your love life is gradually flooded with a new light. Shadow and Light – you will have to choose luminous clarity, pure and transparent love, happiness. And then move forward with a firm and decisive step.

Money – Hope for great progress, joy, success secured in the financial sphere. You must take advantage of the opportunities to enter the upper echelons of economic power, boldly, without hesitating to make commitments.

Health – Harahel watches over the regularity of the body, to avoid any malformation, deformity, monstrosity. It protects cosmetic surgery and any difficult or complex operation, such as that applied in the separation operations of conjoined twins.

Career – You bear a great burden and you will have to scale back the use of your time. In the long run, your body building would collapse and you would fall ill. To improve your situation, use caution, find a young woman or young man who can help you with your project.

Esoteric initiation – You have a prodigious strength within you. It’s time to use it. You will be bearers of virtues and projects that will amaze society, humanity. Pray to Harahel Angel to help you fulfill your destiny. Live up to your mission on earth.

Prayer to Harahel Angel

Glorious Angel Harael, creator of abundance,
how could I understand the world
without your light?

Help me with your essence to be more and more
myself, to act in unison
with the divine spark that is in me.

Help me realize the daily miracle
of a constant, permanent positive action,
in the world of material reality,
so difficult to govern!

Help me Lord to be successful in my life.