Holy GuardianAngel Protection Prayer

Holy Guardian Angel, with you I too give thanks to God, who in his goodness has entrusted me to your protection. O Lord, I thank you for the gift of the Guardian Angel, a gift you gave to me personally. I thank you for the power you have given to my Angel so that he may transmit your love and protection to me.

God be praised for choosing my Guardian Angel as his collaborator to transmit his protection to me. I thank you, my Guardian Angel, for the patience you have towards me and for your constant presence at my side. Thank you because you are faithful in love and never tire of serving me.

You who do not look away from the Father who created me, from the Son who saved me, and from the Holy Spirit who blows love, offer my prayers to the Trinity every day. I trust you and believe my prayers will be answered. Now, Holy Guardian Angel, I invite you to precede me on my path

  • present to the Holy Guardian Angel the commitments of the day, the trips to be made, the meetings, etc.

Protect me from evil, inspire me with the words of consolation that I must say, let me discern God’s will and what God wants to do through me. Help me always keep a child’s heart before God (Psalm 130). Help me to fight against temptations and to overcome temptations against faith.

Teach me to abandon myself to God and to believe in love. Holy Guardian Angel, wash my memory and my imagination, wounded and stained by everything I see and hear.

Free me from disordered desires, from slips into my exaggerated sensitivity, from discouragement, from the evil that the Devil presents to me as good, and from the error presented as truth.

Give me peace and serenity, so that no event disturbs me, no physical or moral evil makes me doubt God. Guide me with eyes and kindness. Fight with me. Help me serve the Lord with humility.