Honor every day the courage within you

Honor the courage that is within you every day. When one thinks of courage it is natural to imagine an immense and heroic strength like that of the warriors who fight. Of mythological heroes who face great trials or mothers who defend their children.

In reality, it is not only necessary to be courageous to accomplish great deeds. But also to face emotions, situations, and thoughts that worry or frighten us.

Personally, I believe that having courage means seeing a mountain in front of you and deciding not to stop, but to continue climbing. Along the way, being courageous means continuing to climb that mountain even when adversity makes the journey difficult.

Having courage means choosing what is right and not what is easy

Pursue your dreams and face fears, do not betray your ideals, and above all welcome all emotions including uncomfortable ones. There is immense strength within each of us, but too often we forget that we have this great resource and end up being trapped in the web of fear and victimhood.

Here are some exercises to recognize and develop the courage present within each of you.

The first exercise is to recognize and accept fear. There is nothing wrong with being afraid. You don’t have to reject fear and see it as an enemy. Your fears are a great opportunity because they allow you to celebrate your heroism.

Take a sheet of paper and write down your fears

It may seem trivial, but just writing your fears takes away their power. The next step is to think of a series of actions that can make your fears disappear. Start with the weaker ones, then move on to the others. For example, if you are afraid of dogs, start familiarizing yourself with the dog of an acquaintance of yours.

No heroic gestures are needed, just small actions that can make you feel stronger. Once you have overcome even one fear, you will see that you will feel stronger and more courageous. At this stage, you can also ask the archangel Michael and of course your guardian angel for help. Knowing that they are close to you will immediately make you feel more courageous.

The second exercise is to follow your dreams

Being courageous also means taking the first step to achieving the much-desired life, change jobs, get out of a non-functional relationship, etc …

Spend at least one hour a day to make your dream come true. Do not postpone yet, immediately begin to walk the path of change. You can start by writing down what you want to accomplish and the necessary steps. If you have any doubts about the actions to be taken, ask archangel Uriel for help who will show you the step to take.

The third and final exercise is to recognize your strength and your greatness

There is no failure, there are only results different from those expected. Often, what we call failure can turn into an opportunity.

Go through your life and take note of everything you have accomplished. Above all, try to remember the journey made to achieve your goals and the courage and strength you showed on those occasions. Treasure past experiences and when you feel stuck in fear, remember those moments and take action.

Recognize and honor the courage within you and remember that you are valiant simply by showing yourself to the world in all your beauty and uniqueness.