How to create a sacred garden to attract your angel

How to create a sacred garden or flower corner to attract your angel. Angels love natural, pesticide-free gardens and help everyone who loves and respects nature and animals. They are very happy to protect, care for and protect all creatures and love to spend their time near flowers, plants, trees, and animals.

You can ask your Angel to make the plants of your garden grow luxuriantly and you can create a real garden of angels, where it will be easier to get in touch with these beautiful creatures. If you do not have a real garden, it will be sufficient to even set up a small green space on your balcony by respecting some simple precautions that will allow you to reproduce a small sacred garden.

How to create an angel garden with flowers of all colors

Of course, flowers shouldn’t be missing from your sacred garden. Angels adore flowers and take care of them with love. If you want to create a cozy space for them, plant flowers of all colors and make sure there are bluebells and lilies of the valley between them.

Angels do not like chemicals, because they do not respect nature, so avoid using pesticides or other substances of this type. If you need it, you can purchase alternative natural pesticides, based on herbs or other natural ingredients, or you can ask the angels themselves to intervene to remove any pests from your plants.

How to create a sacred garden with birds

Angels love all creatures and will reward you abundantly if you take care of arranging a bird feeder or small shelter in your garden or balcony. Angels love butterflies, you can attract them to your green corner by planting lavender, marigold, rosemary and lilac.

To complete your sacred garden you can insert statues that reproduce angels and place crystals here and there, which with their splendor will attract angelic creatures. Do the same in your flowered corner, even an angel-shaped statue will be enough to give the final touch to your sacred garden.

After completing your garden setup, you will begin to notice the signs of the presence of angels. Flowers will be bigger, colorful and last longer, birds, butterflies and other small animals will liven up your angel garden.

The garden or your sacred flowered corner will give off a feeling of peace and serenity. Make this flowered corner your sacred sanctuary where you connect with the angels, with God, and with your divine nature.

Spend some time every day in your garden breathing in the scent of flowers, letting yourself be kissed by the sun’s rays and talking to the angels, they are there next to you and even if you don’t see them, if you are attentive, you will notice the signs of their presence and their immense love.

You can always connect with your Guardian Angel at any time of the day or night. To connect with him, you must first decide what question or request to ask. You can say your prayer aloud or silently because he will hear it anyway. In fact, the angels are able to perceive any type of invocation.

Before responding or intervening, they will try to understand what your attitude is towards the environment or nature. These angelic creatures do not judge, however if they realize that your attitude towards the environment can improve, they will give you some assignments.

For example, you may feel the urge to recycle, collect outdoor litter, or help abandoned animals. If the angels of nature begin to trust, they will allow you to see them. At first you will be able to see them with your mind’s eye, in the form of twinkling lights like fireflies or small winged creatures.

It is much easier for children to see these angelic creatures. The adults who can see these angels are those who spend a lot of time immersed in nature. The energy fields surrounding the angels of nature are called fairy lights. They are small sparkling and brilliant lights that appear in pastures, gardens and woods.

Fairy lights move in a very unusual way and represent the easiest way to start seeing the angels of nature. It is much easier, at least in the beginning, to try to see the lights in the evening.

Seeing fairy lights is also an effective way to get your eyes used to seeing auras. Auras are those subtle forms of energy that surround human beings. This ability also develops when we decide to develop our clairvoyance and to see without doubts or fears.

Ask the angels of nature to see them, stay open and have faith. If your heart and intentions are pure, what you can see will fill your heart with joy.