Kabbalah is intimate tradition and knowledge

Kabbalah in the modern pseudo-esoteric imagination seems to have become the focus of every occult practice. Trapped by sophisticated minds in its corrupt and non-traditional essence, it is the mother role of every illusion and panacea for every need.

It seems that the occult practices of so many magical prophets and sages made no sense before the advent of Kabbalah. Which synthesizes and multiplies them, like a mirror broken into a thousand and a thousand fragments of light, but obviously these reflections are distorted.

Seals, summons, invocations, and spells seem to be animated and enchanted by charm when affixed by the term Kabbalah. But what appears is not, as this degeneration is only one aspect of the involuntary fall that humanity seems to have begun without restraint.

It is undoubtedly unlikely to speak of Kabbalah, and therefore it is perhaps much more effective to proceed with gratification than what prevails in the pseudo-esoteric imagination.

Kabbalah is no secret

As there are no secrets, but there is practice and not practice, which leads to knowledge and ignorance and ultimately to awareness of the inner self.

It is not a discipline that developed in the Middle Ages.
Nor is it an arid, moralistic discipline reserved for the few.
It is not a form for creating talismans or rituals.

It does not allow astral travel.
It cannot be taught, as it implies direct communion with the flow of knowledge it represents and which reveals only arrogance and ignorance.

Nor is it a casket that holds the power to rule the laws of the Universe.
Kabbalah is not only Jewish, in fact, but there is also a Christian Kabbalah, an Egyptian, an Assyrian, and so on.

Kabbalah is receiving and transmitting at the same time. It is based on these two movements of giving and receiving, enclosed in a single continuous and spherical seal of intimate knowledge.

Kabbalah is therefore an intimate tradition on which to build the Temple of intimacy. But that term does not arise and certainly does not die on the imagination and on the novelty that the modern conceptual flourishing that revolves around the Jewish Kabbalah gives us.

The great deception, the great illusion, lies precisely in this subtle difference. Jewish Kabbalah is the historical-cultural tradition of the particular relationship between the sages of the people and the divine and its manifestations.

Such a reality should have yielded to the search for perverse sensationalism and a mystical investment, to the union with the magical ignorance that has little to do with it and is the result of widespread cultural backgrounds. What is folded is not what it was.

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  1. sharing my knowledge feels right to a path of destruction or a path of destiny?

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