Law of Creation First of the 7 Universal Laws

The Law of Creation is the most important Law because it is the one that holds all Creation. Before the universe existed there was in the Mind of God the idea (verb) of how it should be. Having been created in the image and likeness of God, man is also the Creator. And his thoughts also manifest themselves in his body and in the world around him. To current times The Law of Creation is unjustly known as the Law of Attraction. But it is more correct to call it by its real name Law of Creation. In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – John 1: 1

Law of Creation what you think is manifested

Thoughts must be considered as real objects. It is the set of thoughts that determines everything that happens to us and surrounds us. Whatever you keep in your mind is what you will see manifest in your life and in everything you do. It is, in fact, these thoughts that create what is called fate

We are never truly aware of the ideas that fill our minds. These are being formed according to what they teach us (conditionings and beliefs) or what we hear. Since almost all the world ignores the Law of Creation that governs the universe and life, almost everyone spends their existence building contrary conditions, seeing what promised well gets worse, and moving blindly, without compass and rudder.

The various misfortunes are attributed to an undefined destiny, while lessons are learned with great difficulty. Or everything is attributed to the will of God, a will that however remains outside our understanding.

Being born with free will means: exercising the ability to choose freely

By thinking about evil and disharmonies, we will produce bad and disharmonies. Thinking of the good the beautiful and the harmony, we will produce the good the beautiful, and the harmony, both in our inner and outer world. The ideas we are convinced of pass into the subconscious where they settle, creating the conditions under which problems and diseases can arise. These conditions will manifest in our body, in the environment, and in life situations.

When the human being finds himself wrapped in the effects of his ignorance, in the calamities that he himself has unknowingly produced, he turns to God and begs him to free him from suffering. It would be like saying, without realizing that we are attributing to God a capricious and vindictive reigning role. Animated by bad intentions and attentive to our smallest infringement in order to punish us with very heavy punishments. We have always considered God as an entity outside of us.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Luke 12:34)

Prayer or meditation is the highest and purest thought imaginable, it is the way of polarizing the mind at the most positive level. The spiritual vibrations created with prayer are able to transform beauty and perfection in all the disharmonious conditions that surround us. It acts as a lit lamp brought into a house immersed in darkness.

The Universe uses well-defined laws, laws that constitute the Seven Principles which are the basis of all Creation. These laws work at all times and on everything. They know no rest and are used to maintain order and harmony. We are never punished for our actions, but we are punished by our actions.

It is important to learn to consider thoughts as real objects, it is the set of thoughts that determines everything that happens to us and surrounds us. A human being is not what they made us believe, that is, a poor creature at the mercy of life’s circumstances. The human being is much much more.