Living slowly to live better, 14 ways to do it

Living slowly, slow down, take time to rediscover the authenticity of the gestures and moments that accompany our life. It’s time to rediscover slowness and even boredom. Living slowly to live better, not out of laziness, indolence, escape from responsibilities, cunning. But to regain an important piece of one’s life, identity, desires. And don’t waste yourself in a frantic and often counterproductive daily rush.

Take a break to reconsider the rhythm of your life, so as not to be overwhelmed by discouragement and frenzy, in private, at work, and in your free time. It’s time to rediscover slowness and even boredom, in a society that always sees us in a rush. And where the few relaxation spaces available to us are sometimes experienced as a waste of time.

14 ways to living slowly

Waking up 5 minutes earlier than usual to shave, makeup, or have breakfast without haste and with a pinch of joy.

If we are in a queue in traffic or at a supermarket checkout. Let’s avoid getting angry and use this time to mentally plan the evening or to have a chat.

If you enter a bar for a coffee, remember to say hello, enjoy the coffee and say hello upon leaving (this rule applies to all shops, in the office, and also in the lift).

Write SMS without symbols or abbreviations.

Whenever possible, we avoid doing two things at the same time such as phoning and typing on the computer. Otherwise, you risk becoming rude, inaccurate, and approximate.

We avoid enrolling ourselves or our children in a school or gym on the other side of the city.

Do not fill the agenda of our day with appointments, even if pleasant, we learn to say a few noes and have moments of emptiness.

Don’t necessarily rush to do the shopping, your pantry will certainly allow you to cook a good dinner from the first course to dessert.

Even if it might cost a little more, every now and then let’s take a visit to the shop near the house, we will save on time and we will be less stressed.

We take a walk, alone or in the company, instead of queuing up by car to reach the usual restaurant outside the city.

In the evening, read the newspapers and don’t keep surfing in front of the TV.

Avoid some weekend trips, but enjoy your city, whatever it is.

If you have 15 days of vacation, dedicate 10 days to vacation and use the rest as pre or post vacation decompression.

Let’s stop repeating – I don’t have time. Continuing to do this will certainly not make us seem more important.