Man is a microcosm, an exact image of the macrocosm

Man is a microcosm and consequently an exact image of the macrocosm in which it is reflected. The law of resonance states that everything that becomes part of our lives is simply the testimony of the existence of a similar circumstance in our thinking. Objective reality is understood as a mirror of one’s inner world that allows us to highlight the anxieties and fears of our unconscious.

For every perception, man needs in himself a correspondence capable of vibrating in unison and therefore transmitting perception to him through resonance. Goethe expressed this concept by stating – If the eye were not solar, it could never stare at the sun and if the power of God was not already present in us, how could we be ecstatic for the Divine?

Each person can perceive only those aspects of reality for which he possesses resonance capacity. This applies to the purely sensory field of perception, and also to the perception of reality in its entirety. If a person reads a book, he thinks he understands it completely, although of what he reads he can only perceive what is in harmony with his state of consciousness of the moment.

That this is how things are can be understood when you reread certain books after years. Consciousness in the meantime has expanded and often the content of the book is received much better than in previous readings.

We can only come into contact with the ideas, people and situations for which we resonate. Without an adequate affinity, it will never be possible to reach a manifestation in the external world. If you find yourself involved in an unpleasant situation, this never happens casually but always on the basis of your affinity with similar experiences.

The so-called external world is actually a mirror in which everyone lives himself. He will never be able to see something other than himself, as from the objective reality that is the same for everyone, he filters only what he personally has an affinity for. Those who are not aware of this mechanism often end up committing behavior errors that lead them to experience long chains of adverse events.

The law of resonance naturally holds both in a positive and negative sense. If man realizes that the external world is nothing more than the mirror of his inner world, he instantly procures an unsuspected source of information. Through it you have the opportunity to see aspects of your soul that alternatively it would not be possible to perceive in any way.

Man is a microcosm

The more aware a man becomes, the more he learns to put things in order, to ask himself what information they can provide. The law of resonance states that man is a microcosm and consequently an exact image of the macrocosm in which it is reflected. Everything that is perceived on the outside can be found without a shadow of a doubt also on the inside.

If their thoughts are not in harmony with the different aspects of reality, then their counterparts in the external objective world will have the possibility to interfere in the daily experiences of life, bringing confusion and disturbance. If something unpleasant happens, it is necessary to consider this circumstance as a solicitation to change one’s thinking, overcoming fears and often self-imposed limits.