Married life is like a dance where you never stop learning

Married life should be like a dance every single day, with different music and steps to be learned together. The real challenge of life is evolution, supporting the steps of personal and couple growth represents the art of always remaining in balance. Because it is only by moving that we can defeat the trap of immobility.

There is no identical couple to the other because there are subjective dynamics that build a unique and inimitable melody. As each voice is different from the other, so two voices that come together in the song of love give life to a completely inimitable sound.

What matters is not to avoid being out of tune, but to try to always maintain an intonation based on the desire to travel together in the lands where aspirations, needs, expectations, beliefs, and dreams are born. When you stop listening to the other, it is like losing contact with the map of affective navigation.

Every woman, every man needs a caress, a smile, a hug, a simple gesture of welcome and recognition. Married life stops being such when the ardor of knowing others and understanding their paths of inner growth ceases.

It is nice to fall in love but it is even more beautiful to stay in love for a lifetime. Knowing that love is like a fire that must be voluntarily fed by carrying one’s own wood every day.

Married life, in the beginning, no one can know what awaits them

What guarantees to be able to reach your destination is the ability to face the challenges of life for two. Where there is never a shortage of sudden thunderstorms, stormy storms, ruinous falls, and disappointments. How is it possible to continue to stay together, despite the fact that time can profoundly transform the couple’s initial identity?

There may be multiple answers that many authors have investigated from different perspectives, but a certain fact is that the recipe for eternal happiness, in fact, does not exist. A healthy couple is not the one without problems, but the one who is capable of feeling deeply united beyond adversity. Because it is linked by values ​​that make it intimately anchored to the emotion and energy of the first kiss.

Married life is like a dance where you never stop learning. And the last steps will be the most harmonious and light ones that with a last leap will overcome the narrow gates of time. To dive into the sky of infinite love, where there will be the dance of eternal love.

Married Life Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, our God, you who have taught us to pray and bear the burdens for each other, so as to fulfill your commandments and be worthy of your mercy. For this I dare to pray to You, Lord, to remove every evil and every occasion of damage, visible and invisible, from my – husband – bride – with whom you have allowed me to live all the days of my life.

Fill my spouse with health, spiritual gifts, wisdom, save him from all temptation, strengthen him in right faith and love so that he can always live surrounded by your grace and in peace because yours is the power, the kingdom, and the glory, forever and ever.