Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31

Mebahel Guardian Angel leads to spirituality through the other, be it the partner, the spouse, the friend, or even the society itself. From this point of view, he is also the angel of harmony in the couple, of love and conjugal peace. Mebahel meaning – Conservative.

If the person knows how to set in motion the impulse of his angel, enlightenment will come as a mental vehicle, through high thoughts imbued with love and wisdom. People protected by Mebahel Guardian Angel will find allies in other people who aspire to pour sublime ideas of unitary love into society.

The influence of the angel will not produce militants but sympathizers of everything that leads to union and peace. Paradoxically, this noble talent of theirs can initially be expressed also in clumsy manifestations of aggression, towards others as towards themselves, as often happens in the blind search for something that is not yet clear but must be heard.

In their sense of justice, they will find orientation and a key. This sensitivity opens up magnificent careers for them when they dare to let themselves be guided, but punishes them harshly if it is repressed. Woe, therefore, if they remain indifferent when they see abuses, or if they accept to suffer without reacting.

Their best energies quickly abandon them, their mood collapses, their attention fogs up, unhappiness begins to take more and more forms concrete in their days. On the other hand, there are excellent periods in which they follow their deepest vocation, which is to understand what is right or wrong in the world.

To them, the question certainly appears to be unresolved in the laws of nations, they see only a need for justice that is still imperfect, and that it is urgent to perfect. Useless, therefore, that they try to appease their need to intervene in the troubles of others by appealing to the established order, or by embracing a career in law enforcement.

Their exuberant, individualistic, combative character would also contrast with this choice: they demand to be the center of attention, and not only would they not endure a superior for a long time, but nothing gives them greater satisfaction than proclaiming some new idea of ​​freedom, which surpasses all civil codes in use.

Mebahel Angel of Truth and Freedom

Whoever is born under this influence will be a codifier of dreams who knows the material and spiritual laws, which he practices without utopia. Always the bearer of good news, he will be a magnificent advocate, in a disinterested way, of innocent people.

Your ego and a strong presence of spirit will mark your day with the nobility and dignity in the actions. Sometimes you will have a strong impression that you are living something that has already happened in another dimension, or even in another life.

He will have great ease of adaptation and his life will be a transformation towards a spiritual regeneration. You will not waste time with futility and in any environment, you will be the center of attention for wisdom, good sense, serenity, and intuition.

Guardian angel Mebahel asks you to show this knowledge, a legacy of other incarnations, to the people who need help. For this will have the gift of oratory, strong capacity for choice, and discernment.

Mebahel Prayer – Psalm 9:10 Et est Dominus refugium oppresso, refugium in opportunitatibus, in tribulatione