Mebahiah Angel from 1st to 5th of Capricorn

Mebahiah Angel from 1st to 5th of Capricorn teaches us to put our intelligence at the service of important projects. He gives strength, ease of speech, persuasion, fruitfulness, and love for children. This guardian angel protects us while traveling. Mebahiah Angel protects those born between 22 and 26 December and in the 5 days given by the Kabbalistic tradition.

Mebahiah Angel Horoscope

Love – Intense power in love, perhaps excessive. It will be necessary to dominate the defaulting power, always taking into account what is just and upright. Bragging about your power can create problems and generate worries. To give up this privilege, at least in part, would be a noble attitude

Money – You will partially depend on certain people or the bank. The proper functioning of your economy will depend on your attitude towards these people. It is not your merits that play a decisive role, but your moods. Your artistic aptitudes and your eloquence are appreciated

Health – Mebahiah Angel protects the vocal cords. The prayer to the angel is very useful to those who must convince with the word.

Career – Leading, the ruling is equivalent to serving others. This is how consensual affection will be obtained. Observe the quality of others and make them your own, observe the defects of others and distance them from yourself. This is how the ambition for advancement will be realized.

Esoteric initiation – Mebahiah angel will indicate in dreams and visions the path to follow to bring heavenly happiness to earth. Then, from the moment he is understood, he will create the material circumstances capable of helping the realization of his proteges.

Mebahiah Angel Prayer

Mebahiah grant me your light
for it to benefit
of the providential grace of opportunity,
mother of all useful success
to the divine work of the world.

Give me clarity too
that would allow me to become
conscious actor, in the great adventure
of universal life.

I am eager to act and to succeed
in goodness and harmony