Metatron Prince of Cosmic Energies, King of Keter

Metatron grants our mentality and sensitivity the power to clearly perceive what exists in the Spirit Worlds in the form of possible creations so that for us the Creation becomes a coherent whole. This Archangel offers us knowledge, reveals the goal, the projects of the Divinity.

Through his intellect and feelings, his energy reveals to us why things are as they are. Thanks to him, we can know the future, our future, in fact, the energy managed by Metatron reveals the vision of the complete Plan of Creation, a set of details that have not yet been realized. Thanks to this vision, we are given to understand why it is useful to adopt a specific line of behavior, and equally the purpose of cosmic laws.

Metatron is the one who infuses the Will

It can be said that he is located at the top of a tower from which it is possible to observe everything that takes place below. Each of our questions addressed to him will have an answer fully captured by our mind and totally understood by our feelings.

Therefore Metatron does not show us what he explains to us. It is not his job to arouse clairvoyance because we are not able to perceive in a single image the progressive development of a cosmic process.

Metatron can inspire our intelligence and make us aware of the power of our thinking. It is possible to invoke Metatron at any time, but the best days are the first day of the month, the one in which the Sun changes Sign and the one following the New Moon.

The Archangel Prince Metatron will fulfill the wishes of those who have invoked him on the indicated days and particularly to start something new, to stir up our feelings and emotions.

Metatron Prayer

Dear Metatron, I greet you and I welcome you, I offer you my blessing and I ask you for your Blessing for me. I ask you to guide me in the right direction and teach me my purpose in life to foster my fulfillment and satisfaction. Bring me the strength of clarity and clarity of mind that I need to discern what is good for me and the people around me.

Make me aware of my value and the gifts that belong to me
show me my talents and how to best use them.
Give me the courage to fulfill myself and pave the way for me to be free to – (say whatever you want to accomplish in your life)
And conclude this prayer by saying Thanks