Mihael 48th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Mihael 48th Kabbalah Angel grants marital harmony, peace, and union between spouses, dispenses the gift of good perceptions and clairvoyance. The qualities of the 48th Angel are ability to arouse love, reconciliation, peace, and benevolence.

And also fidelity, intuition, premonitions, fruitfulness relative to children, and intellectual works. Pleasant escapes, sentimental temperament, inclined to love and pleasures, defense of the family.

Amatiah is the name of the angel of the abyss who contrasts the actions of Mihael 48th Kabbalah Angel. It represents infidelity and lust, causes discord, sterility, inconstancy, marital problems and jealousy.

Mihael 48th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

The Kabbalistic teaching associated with this meditation is that trying to be in harmony with our adversaries is not a moral precept. But an action that benefits us by bringing a permanent Light within us. Despite having opposite points of view, two adversaries may both be right, or at least believe they are subjectively right.

But to get the spiritual benefits that bring true happiness, in the presence of conflicts. Instead of blindly imposing his own reason, each should give way to the higher reason of unity.

Now focus your vision on the guardian angel name, Mihael. Without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention –

I ask and I get the ability to see and understand all the aspects of the problems that arise. For the energy of this Name, I focus on unity and soul, stemming the adverse forces of division and self-centeredness.

Mihael 48th Kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born November 18-22. And also the Birth Angel of those born in these days – February 24 – May 8 – July 22 – October 4 – December 15. Angel Mihael is present every day from 03:40 pm. to 04:00 pm.
Mihael, guardian angel prayer is Psalm 98 verse 2.