Mihael Guardian Angel, Born from 18 to 22 November

Mihael Guardian Angel symbolizes the perfect interaction between complementaries, is the angel of the conjugal union, but also the protector of all the unions of love and friendship, and of a professional type (including societies and associations), which favors giving fruitfulness design) and the gift of intuition that allows us to present exactly what is happening.

Mihael is also the fertilizer agent par excellence, people can invoke it against sterility at any time. According to the traditional text, Mihael’s guardian angel loves that people travel a lot and enjoy all the spiritual and material pleasures, they will be favored in establishing harmonious and deep relationships with each other, happy and full of images, anecdotes, adventures enrich.

Mihael’s guardian angel works in such a way that our Consciousness is expressed primarily through feelings. The Ego carries out an inner work to take advantage of the illumination that our emotional nature receives, and grant it a high expressive power; feelings are highlighted, emphasized, and everything that the person will realize will rely on the feelings themselves.

For the Christian mystics, this inner picture, under the radiant influence of Mihael, represents the birth of the Divine Son within human nature. This Angel-Sun is in solidarity with those who seek interiority and manifest its Light in the depths of being.

Mihael Angel of Procreation

Whoever is born under the angelic influence of Mihael’s guardian angel will be peaceful, caring, deeply love all, and care for the preservation of community well-being. It will be a great organizer of social and political agreements, promoting reconciliations and mediating negotiations. Intellectual, will defend the rights of women in society.

Collaborators of community ideas related to health (nursing, Red Cross), may be known in other countries, for their collaboration and dedication to the child’s well-being. He will study marriage relationships through philosophy, religion, sociology, or psychology. It will consolidate with the words of confidence and optimism, the relationships of friends or relatives.

Your family will probably be noble and helpful in your projects and desires. If you can, you will have many children, because you consider a big family passionate. Paternally demanding in matters of culture and study, he will know that where there is a widening of consciousness and intelligence, there will be greater happiness and greater closeness to God.

Affordable, frank, strong, capable of tremendous resistance to fatigue, he devotes himself intensely to a job when requested. His earthly mission is Humanitarianism. No prejudice, no class, no race, no creed, will have truth as her sovereign friend. It will lead your life in your own way, always in pursuit of a clean standard. It will show this, that this life is easy to be lived and it is worth fighting for any ideal.

Mihael Prayer – Psalm 98:2 Notum fecit Dominus salutare suum, in conspectu gentium revelavit iustitiam suam