Morning prayer to Your Guardian Angel

Morning prayer, the ancient prayer to the Guardian Angel that we propose dates back to the 4th century AD. It was probably composed by Saint Macarius of Egypt. This saint was born around the year 300 and at first, pursued the vocation of marriage. However, his wife died shortly after the wedding, and his death was followed by that of his parents.

Hearing Christ’s call to renounce everything on earth, Macarius distributed his possessions to the poor and embraced the ascetic life. He dedicated his life to prayer and was eventually ordained a priest.

After being unjustly accused of being the father of an illegitimate son, Macarius fled to the desert of Egypt where he met Saint Anthony the Great. Macarius stayed to learn monastic ways of life from him, then moved to the desert and built a monastery. Thousands of monks have come to learn from Macario’s wisdom, and he is considered one of the great Fathers of the desert.

He died in 391 AD after spending decades in the desert, leading a life devoted to prayer, fasting, and asceticism.

Guardian Angel Morning Prayer

Holy Angel who watches over my poor soul and my unhappy life, do not abandon me as a sinner and do not turn away from me because of my impurities.

Do not give the evil spirit the power to take over me through the tyranny of this mortal body.

Dominate my poor and weakened hand and lead me on the path of salvation.

Yes, oh holy angel of God who guards my poor soul and my body, forgive me everything that could offend you in all the days of my life, and even if I have committed some sin today.

Protect me in the approaching night and preserve me from all threats and snares of the enemy so that I do not run into the wrath of God with some sin.

Be my advocate with the Lord so that he may strengthen me by holy fear and make me a servant worthy of his holiness.