Mumiah Guardian Angel, Born from 6 to 10 March

Mumiah Angel is the chief collaborator of the Archangel Gabriel, and the governor of the energies of the Moon – the unconscious forces that form the images of our inner self. He is the angel closest to the Humans, the one who turns all our dreams into reality. Indeed Mumiah Angel grants people the grace and power to carry out everything they have started. Mumiah’s name means – God the end of all things. or – the Omega, God who designates the end of all things.

With his help, any experience (spiritual, economic, sentimental, professional, intellectual) will be successful, because of the power of crystallization (petrifaction) that the Lunar energies produce wherever they occur. People who rely on Mumiah Guardian Angel will be able to express their values ​​with conviction, all their activities will reach the goal.

They can become famous (in their entourage or even in larger environments) for the skill or intensity with which they will express ideas, convictions, feelings, thoughts. Their action is manifested and the help of this Angel is effective, but never moderate, precisely because of his power and will reach the maximum expression in the actions related to communication.

Still, he is also an agent of (programming) of our daily life … (but as we know, recording an external program is very different from recording in the studio) on his part Mumiah records in the studio in the best conditions; this is obviously a study located within us.

What Programs will it record?
Those that we ourselves propose, the activity programs proposed by our own will, provided that these are coherent, this is the only condition. In other words, if our intentions are in assonance with the assigned evolutionary task, these programs will implement them projecting on the screen of real-life the respective concrete situations, with moral and material successes and achievements.

Mumiah Angel of the Rebirth

Whoever is born under this divine influence will be celebrated for his marvelous discoveries, will unveil the secrets of nature, and will have words of strength and courage against evil. She likes the changes because they are renovators and she is always reformulating her way of thinking.

Everything that is worn will be removed, creating a new cycle, a new situation. He hates illusory things and is always helping people get out of oppressive or depressing states. Incessantly seeks the truth, to reach a more objective situation in life.

It will be endowed with a superior force, which unleashes a series of events, which could only happen due to its initiative or knowledge. His spiritual power makes the divine light intervene in the material world.

Battle for an ideal works magnificently, with special attention to the study of Laws. It will attract your wealth with the power of your words. His spirituality and alchemical tendency have manifested themselves since childhood. Profoundly aware of the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm.

Mumiah Prayer – Psalm 116:7 Convertere, anima mea, in requiem tuam, quia Dominus benefecit Tibi

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