Nanael 53rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Nanael Angel 53rd urges optimism, generosity, and action, urges to know how to look towards the real needs of one’s soul. Which are perfectly aligned with the needs of the world aimed at working for the good of all? If you were born in the days ruled by this guardian angel. He is always listening for you, in particular, his energies open on your birthday and in the other 5 days of the kabbalistic tradition.

The qualities developed by Angel 53rd are the love of truth and life, love of God, and his creations. It also gives inner peace, selfless service to humanity, understanding of the abstract sciences and esotericism, but also practical sense and planning.

He also gives inspiration to builders, lawyers, and magistrates allow to appreciate the silence and to find accommodation in places sheltered from the hype.

Abadir is the name of the fallen angel who contrasts the works of Nanael angel 53rd. It represents injustice and contempt for knowledge. It inspires ignorance and aversion to culture. It also causes narcissism, confusion, the search for stunning, ignorance of the other, separateness, communication difficulties.

Nanael Angel 53rd Meditation

According to the kabbalah in reference to any kind of expectation we can create ourselves about what we can receive from others. Every gesture of ours must be as much as possible marked by a sharing that is carried out without ulterior motives, without expecting even moral recognition for it.

But only because we are really aware that we are (one) that (you’re) and (mine) are pure illusions in the final balance. The meditation on this hieroglyph (nun-nun-aleph) which makes up the name of the angel, is aimed at making the joy of giving grow in us, totally independent of what we can receive in return.

Now focus your vision on the Guardian Angel Name – Nanael, without thinking about anything else, breathe, allowing you to permeate deeply and for a long time from its meaning, pronounce this intention –

for the energy of this Name every form of selfishness and every kind of the second end give way to pure acts of friendship, sharing, and unconditional love. True and sincere friends enter my life, just as I will know how to be for others.

Nanael Angel 53rd of the Kabbalah is the guardian angel of people born between December 13th and 16th. Other days of the angel’s presence are February 29 – May 13 – July 27 – October 9 – December 20. He governs the energies every day from 05.20 pm to 05.40 pm. And this is the best time when everyone can invoke his protection. Guardian Angel Prayer of Nanael is verse 75 of Psalm 119