Nithael 54th Kabbalah Angel Prayer Meditation

Nithael 54th Kabbalah Angel qualities are respect for values, love for the Law and legality, gallantry, tenderness, religious sentiments, the nobility of soul, gentleness, joy, stability, prestige, eloquence.

54th Angel grants fame through his works, reputation in the scientific and art worlds, benevolence, and favors granted by authoritative people or by the authorities of the State. It also provides protection from dangers, divine help in difficulties, and the ability to bring help to the suffering.

Omet is the Angel of the Abyss opposite to the works of Nithael Angel 54th, it represents the hatred against the authority and the one who holds it, therefore also hatred or envy against those who hold means and powers. It causes upsets of fortune, attachment, envy, ruin, revolutions, and illegality, as well as the destruction of relationships, upheavals in every area of ​​human life.

Nithael 54th Kabbalah Angel exhorts to recognize, in earthly goods and joys, the reflection of divine Beauty; not to fear death and the end of goods, knowing that life extends well beyond physical perceptions: it exhorts gratitude for Beauty, to invoke for everyone happiness made of power and splendor, to lavish firsthand with the own talents, to spread beauty in the world.

Nithael 54th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

According to the Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool to counteract in one’s life the sense of death, the anguish, and the block that at a certain moment of life can be connected to something that ends. The power of death is not limited to the physical body.

It also manifests itself in the processes of life, for example at the end of a friendship, in the failure of a business, in the dissolution of a marriage. When things end or good things run the risk of ending, this Name banishes death.

Now focus your vision on the meaning of this Guardian Angel Name, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: For the power of this Name I now focus my attention and meditate with total adhesion and certainty on the absolute and final disappearance of the angel of death.

Nithael 54th Angel is the guardian angel of people born between 17 and 21 December. Other days of the presence of the Angel on earth are May 14th, July 28, October 10, December 21, March 2, Every day from 5.40 am to 18.00 am. Nithael Guardian Angel Prayer is the 19th verse of Psalm 102.