Pahaliah 20th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Pahaliah 20th Angel Pahaliah bestows spiritual awakening, irreproachable conduct, great moral strength, courage, and endurance. He favors religious careers by giving victory over atheism and obtaining conversions. He gives religious sense and sensitivity to the principles of natural law, the faculty of deepening the problems of a spiritual nature.

Aséal is the name of the angel of the abyss who counteracts the actions of Pahaliah 20th Angel on earth. It represents lust – it causes libertinage, rebellion, impiety, lack of courage, moral weakness.

Pahaliah 20th Angel Meditation – overcoming addictions

The energy of this Name is the force that can make true spiritual needs prevail in our drives to the detriment of false needs induced by bad habits. When we feel the need to regain control over our life by releasing pent-up forces from our soul, this Name provides the vibration we need.


Now focus your vision on the Name Pahaliah without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. The power of this Name grants me victory over the forces of the ego. I look detachedly at my bad habits, at the sides of my character that I cannot love. I feel growing within me all the strength that can help me to fluidly welcome a new discipline – the ability to listen to the real needs of my soul.

Pahaliah 20th Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born between June 27th and July 1st. Other days of his presence as Birth Angel are January 28, April 9, June 23, September 6, November 17. He is present every day from 6.20 am to 6.40 am. And this is the best time to ask for help from this Angel, through the original prayer – Verse 2 of Psalm 119.

Pahaliah 20th Angel of the Kabbalah Horoscope

Love – Psychological distance to be bridged with mutual concessions, it is then that Love will take root in them. Spirituality can become a factor of mutual love

Money – Earnings in Evil that turn to Good, compensation, indemnity, reparations, insurance. Income consisting of the publication of religious works. Important financial help from the clergy, from the family

Health-Pahaliah protects the head and face as a whole. For women, beauty creams and light make-up are recommended, because they face risks taking on a very rigorous look. For everyone – Good can disguise itself as Evil, this means that they have an interest in seeing good always and everywhere, and never anywhere evil.

Career – Work around the obvious part of religion, manufacturing and marketing of worship objects and clothing for religious ceremonies. Success also as missionaries, abbesses, priests.

Esoteric initiation – They will have the chance to become master builders, kabbalist masters, initiated masters with Powers in the Invisible World, and here in the Visible world