Positive affirmations claim to be who you want to be

Positive affirmations state that you generate what you affirm. What you say, constantly repeated, can be both positive and negative. According to the law of affirmation similar to the law of attraction, our unconscious mind does not discriminate against anything and accepts all the information we give it.

Be aware therefore that your affirmations enter as files in your unconscious mind and profoundly affect the way you feel. They affect your emotions, daily activities, and ultimately, your entire life. The more energy, love, enthusiasm, and emphasis we post in our affirmations, the deeper they enter our belief system.

The power of Positive Affirmations

The law of affirmation claims to be what you want to be and claims to have what you want. Do it with confidence, emotion, and conviction and you will have what you want sooner than you think. The Universe always rearranges itself to give you what you believe. We must therefore make sure that our statements contain only positive words and the Affirmations must be stated in the present.

It is better to say that I am healthy now, that I am now well, that I am now full of work, that I now fulfill my every wish. Know that affirmative words help you focus on the positives and what you believe and expect will come back to you.

Creative Visualization I am what I visualize and think

As with positive affirmations, it is based on the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything you see and believe eventually becomes a physical reality. However, if your faith falters or your desires, goals, and dreams constantly change from one image to another, your external reality will reflect this inner fear and confusion.

Creative visualizations can immediately enter our reality if our mind accepts them as a possibility. However, it sometimes happens that we feel unworthy or fearful but still try to force our dream into reality.

In this way, however, we create a closed alley and our views become pressures and tensions and this tension can block the goal. When one visualizes and fully believes in the goal this is capable of happening.

But our negative judgments and limiting beliefs like
I couldn’t make it happen
I will not be able
who knows if I’ll make it
I’m not good and good to deserve this
it puts tension on our visualization, which in turn stops manifesting our inner visions.

Metaphysically we are all capable of creating what we desire. What we focus on is always manifesting in the physical plane. This is the law of quantum physics and also the spiritual law of cause and effect.

Manifestation always requires faith

It requires trusting completely and having absolute confidence that we will be helped. But we humans, with our frailties, lack confidence and doubt that our dreams and expectations will turn into reality. We prefer to give space to our fears, rather than believing and having faith in the realization of our dreams.

Creative Visualization is based on the law of cause and effect. Whatever you see and believe forms a mold and an energetic vortex for your exterior. If you have faith and trust, then everything you see with your mind’s eye and what you declare with the power of affirmation will finally become a reality in your life, making your dreams and desires come true.

Affirmative Prayer

I am an immortal spiritual being who abides in the wholeness of God, I am spiritually enlightened now. My mind is pure and my awareness extends to infinite space. I have infinite resources available all the time, when and how I need them. All events and experiences, circumstances and relationships, are always in divine order.

I am Origin
I am That
In the infinity of the life I live, everything is perfect, whole, and complete.
I believe in a much greater power than I am, flowing through me every moment, every day.
I open myself to inner wisdom, knowing that there is only one Intelligence in this Universe.

From this One Intelligence, all the answers arise,
all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations.
I trust this Power and this Intelligence, knowing that whatever I have to learn is revealed to me
and that whatever I need is given to me
in the right time, space and order.
In my world, everything is for the best.