Powerful prayer against the evil eye

Powerful Prayer of Liberation – Lord Almighty and merciful God, Father Son, and Holy Spirit expel from me any diabolical influence of any evil spirit. O God in the name of Jesus Christ I ask you to break every occult and evil bond that the devil has on me. Pour upon me the precious Blood of your Son Jesus.

Let his immaculate and redeeming Blood break all ties on my body and mind. O Most Holy Immaculate Virgin Mary, or Archangel Michael, I consecrate myself totally to you, intercede for me and come quickly to my aid. In the name of Jesus Christ my only God and Lord, I command every devil who can have any influence on me to leave me immediately and forever.

For the flagellation, the crown of thorns, the cross, the blood and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the true God for the holy God for the God who can do everything, I command every devil and damned soul that can influence me and in my house to go away forever in the name of Jesus Christ my only Lord and Savior.

Powerful Prayer against evil and the evil eye

Lord God our Sovereign of the centuries, omnipotent and omnipotent, you who have done everything and who transforms everything with your will alone.
You who in Babylon have transformed the flame of the furnace seven times more ardent into dew and who have protected and saved your holy three children.
You who are doctors and doctors of our souls.
You who are the salvation of those who turn to you.

We ask you and invoke you Nullify, drive away and put to flight every diabolical power, every satanic presence and machination, every evil influence and every evil or evil eye of evil and evil people operated on your servant – (name). In exchange for envy and evil doings, an abundance of goods, strength, success, and charity ensue.

You Lord who love men, stretch out your mighty hands and your very high and powerful arms and come to help and visit this image of yours, sending upon it the angel of peace, strength, and protector of soul and body, who he will keep away and chase away every evil force, every poison and malia of corrupting and envious people.

So that beneath you your supplicant protected with gratitude sings to you:
The Lord is my rescuer and I will not be afraid of what man can do to me. I will not be afraid of evil because you are with me, you are my God, my strength, my powerful Lord, Lord of peace, father of future centuries.

Yes, Lord our God, have compassion on your image and save your servant …. (name) from any harm or threat from evil, and protect him by placing him above all evil. Through the intercession of the more than blessed glorious Lady, the Mother of God and always the Virgin Mary, of the shining archangels and all your saints.