69th Kabbalah Angel Rochel Meditation Prayer

69th Kabbalah Angel urges us to give back to the world what has been given to us, without fear of ever losing. Everything we try to give back will be given back to us in abundance. Rochel 69th Angel’s qualities are clarity of vision, honesty, great delicacy, love, and paternal respect. Respectability, great nobility of heart, vigilance, purity, sense of justice, balance, absolute and profound fairness towards others.

Trisaga is the name of the dark angel who opposes Rochel’s actions on earth. It represents the – robbed thief -. It causes losses, injustice, legal proceedings that end to the detriment of the innocent. Significant damage due to legal fees, theft, economic ruin, deviation, misjudgment, deception.

Rochel 69th Kabbalah Angel Meditation – lost and found

According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for those who have to find their way back home. For all those who go through life with the feeling that what they are in is not their place, or for those moments in life when you feel lost.

Now focus your vision on the Name Rochel without thinking about anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. With this Name as a compass, my path to my spiritual home is illuminated. I find the orientation. With every step, every moment that passes, I feel comforted, I find confidence and a stronger sense of direction.

69th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – This angel will stimulate conjugal love. However, it will take a long time to prepare before considering it acquired. It would not be achieved by acting hastily. Women must enforce their traditional values, and men must adapt and always be faithful to their duties.

Money – Your cash inflows are normal, long-term anticipated, and mostly from arrears. You will spend a portion of your capital without a complete renewal. You must earn more because your generosity would be sterile if there were no continuity in earning.

Health – Rochel protects against anorexia. We must defer to the doctors, but at the same time invoke the angel. Whoever is close to the sick person must love him no matter what happens

Career – If you don’t show too much ambition you will get some wonderful victories. Especially since your rivals will not pay attention to you, and you will have the possibility to develop with ease. You will get what you want to get, as long as you don’t get too noticed.

Rochel Invocation

Angel Rochel give me a mission
because I want to serve the creative king,
lord of the world. Yes, I want that
may the divine work also count on me.

Volunteer worker, I will act to understand.
I want to put at the service of the world
my skills, my possibilities:
engage in the creation, spiritually,
mentally, sentimentally and physically.
With your help, I can fulfill this wish.

Rochel 69th Kabbalah Angel of Angels Angelical Choir is the Guardian Angel of people born from 1 to 5 March. Other days of his presence are May 30 – August 13 – October 25 – January 5 – March 17, every day from 10.40 pm to 11.00 pm. Rochel Prayer Verse 5 Psalm 15.