Rochel Guardian Angel born from 1 to 5 March

Rochel guardian angel according to tradition is the bearer of immense clarity that allows you to find what was once lost. From a philosophical point of view, what man has lost is the other Himself, the part dismembered by him at the time of the separation of genders. According to the conception that at the origin of time humans were androgynous in the completeness of Man-Woman.

When invoked this guardian angel can rebalance male and female tendencies, soothe the nostalgia of being lost. Give the way to return to yourself and discover in the unity with your own higher Self, the contentment and the Joy of love that we will thus be able to return to the World.

The clarity of vision given by Rochel’s guardian angel also instills a balance that can make people skilled conflict solvers, which in the profession can produce excellent figures related to justice as talented lawyers, diplomats, or politicians. Regarding its main influence, Rochel’s guardian angel is the angel of faithfulness.

The person will be distinguished by an integral behavior, of exemplary straightness, always aimed at the effort to find full agreement with his conscience, yet sometimes falling into serious contradictions.

It is essential to obey the highest part that houses in each of us, and not to the multiple personalities that swirl in our psyche deriving from past lives. Since it is our task to realize the plan foreseen by our higher self because only on it does one’s full affirmation in Life depend.

Rochel Angel of the Restoration and Restitution

Anyone born under this angelic influence will be endowed with strength and energy, always acting in a beneficial way with the people closest to him. He has a magnificent inventive spirit and has a strong mission that will be fulfilled with the family. Great ability to participate in the suffering of loved ones, thus conquering the great spiritual treasures.

You are a person with a strong intuition that manifests itself through his analytical intelligence, he is detached from the impulses of material temptations. You will have ease of adaptation and a great willingness to learn without ever giving up on your goals.

You will never feel scared of new evidence. Guardian angels will show you a new path if necessary. You should know that every time you lose on the physical plane, you gain on the spiritual plane.

Rochel Prayer – Psalm 15:5 – Rochel Meaning: God who sees everything.