Sacred Space begins with our awareness

Sacred Space begins with limited but real awareness. Around the need to preserve and bring to sprout first, and then maturation, our existential seed. This safeguarding perimeter is solidified through the inner practices of meditation and prayer. And other operations that act as an opposing force to the agents of prevarication. And as an active energy flow aimed at the progressive strengthening of our dormant qualities and inner aspirations.

The Sacred Space from a small nucleus of rebirth and subsistence, little by little, in relation to the commitment lavished on it, will expand its circumference. Up to the point where from a simple locus where we can cultivate ourselves, it will become the area that will allow us to organize our entire inner and outer life. Its walls will be insurmountable barriers. Solid walls where our philosophical city will be born and we can aspire to reconstitute our Body of Glory.

We must practice because we cannot and must never allow ourselves the luxury of leaving out our spiritual works. As otherwise we would be prey to the outside world, and continue to live a life, not ours. A life that is imposed on us from the moment of our birth.

Practice must become as natural for us as breathing, a daily moment to which to devote the attention it needs. As we know everything else, and we already know what the epilogue of all human things will be, death and dissolution, preceded by an expectation disguised by repetition. Here then the practice, the magical space, becomes another path, another path that we can and must take. Inasmuch as it is exclusively personal, and the fruits we will benefit from will be authentically and perpetually ours.

Hence our need to erect a sacred space where what is impure and external cannot breakthrough, and where we can celebrate what is divine in us. What is the construction of the sacred space if not the ability of each of us to draw a circle? And to prevent what is beyond it from confusing us and confusing what is inside it?

Hence the initial value of the practice, namely that of establishing an impassable wall to prevent those chaotic and hypnotic forces that tend to constantly distance us from ourselves. Only once this wall has been erected, will it be possible to organize the interior space, understand it, rectify it, and operate a constant expansion. In the moment in which we will have understood how human nature is a very composite and changeable thing, and as a result, we will have distinguished a sacred part from a natural one. We will build the sacred space where through the incessant work we will reap the fruits of our inner logos.