Saint Joseph and Virgin Mary Money Prayer

Powerful money prayer to Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. The following is a very beautiful and powerful money prayer that has helped many people living in extreme conditions to regain their dignity. It should be recited both in the morning and in the evening, kneeling and looking east.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
I (your name) turn to you, Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary, the foundation of the Christian family.
What so many sacrifices you have experienced and so much pain you have seen in your life.

But have you never abandoned the love for your child.
And always close in prayer
You have found and given strength
Who relied on you.

Give me the strength to be born again, give me some help.
Please let me receive the money to solve my financial problems in the way you see fit.

Feel my pain, welcome it and console me. I trust in you. (Make the sign of the cross three times).
I (your name) find my strength in Jesus your son as he has always had you at his side.

So I ask to be supported in fulfilling my need (say what you need, pay off debts, buy a house, send the children to school, etc.)
My cry for help comes to you and I trust in your kindness.
(make the sign of the cross three times).

As effective as this powerful money prayer is, it must be repeated several months for it to take effect, and furthermore, for its success, a lot depends on how much faith you have. In fact, to be successful, prayer must be recited with the mind completely free from thoughts.

Achieving such a level of faith is not easy. That is why it must be repeated many times, until we can get enough positive energy towards our goal.

Everything is possible for those who have faith, as Jesus reminds us – Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you, because whoever asks receives, whoever seeks finds, and it will be open to whoever knocks. Matthew 7: 7