The 8 spiritual paths that lead to the divine

The 8 paths that lead to the divine. In the history of humanity, religious sentiment appears when men began to feel something particular in themselves and to perceive invisible incorporeal existences. There was no religion but forms of thanksgiving to the spirits of nature depicted in the totems that men had visions of. It was probably in this era that man began to believe he had a soul. And since it instinctively connected the soul to the divinity, both the protective deities of the place and the souls of the villagers were depicted in the totem.

Subsequently, some human beings, in different eras, engaged themselves as guides of humanity. Indicating from time to time a Path that, adapted to Time, would help spiritual evolution. Religions developed from the Paths understood as institutions that sanction the modalities of the relationship of a social group with the Sacred.

Each religion aspires to consider itself true and the only bearer of Truth. In all of them, a transcendent being is proposed that responds to the desires of humanity, hiding that the divine Being is nothing other than the essence of man.

The Eight Spiritual Paths

Path of Identification – The religion inherent in the Path of Identification is Brahmanism

Path of the Law – Moses – sacred texts, Torah and Talmud. The religion that codified the complex traditions of the ancient Jews is Judaism.

Path of Righteousness – Zarathustra (also known as Zoroaster). Religion derived from Zoroastrianism, regulated by the sacred texts of the Zend and the Avesta.

Path of Liberation – liberation from pain and the reincarnation cycle – Buddha – Pali and Sanskrit scriptures. Buddhism developed from the teachings of Buddha

Jesus invited us to follow the path of Love. As the apostle, Paul wrote – whoever loves the other fulfills the Law. The fullness of the Law is Love (Romans 13). The resulting religion, Christianity, has very different characteristics from other related religions. In fact, Moses, Zarathustra, and Muhammad were never objects of divine worship. While Jesus was proclaimed Son of God by his followers, and as such he had, from the very beginning, the same worship attributed to the God of the Jews.

The Path of Submission – Muhammad – has Allah as its divine image and the Koran as its sacred text. The resulting religion is Islam, an Arabic term derived from Islam (submission).

Path of Harmony – Confucius, with the Chinese Classics, leads to the harmony of the Tao. Tao indicates the flow that forms reality, moving between two opposite principles, the feminine one of Yin and the masculine one of Yang.

Path of Reason – Plato, with Ethics and Metaphysics, which leads to Logos (Greek term indicating discourse, rational order and reason. In its most relevant philosophical sense, it indicates a reason or cosmic intelligence that provides order and intelligibility to the world ). Plato affirmed that there is only one good, and it is called knowledge, a true light in the darkness, a means that leads to the Logos.

One of the characteristics of the spiritual Path was that they were absolutely revolutionary compared to the status quo of the time. Even so, however, the time was ripe for the advent of a Guide who would give an ideological turn to the populations where he lived.

Not everyone is ready to accept Reality, most people live closed in a small world of beliefs and superstitions. Currently, the world is pervaded with materialism and dissatisfaction, religions no longer provide satisfactory answers to man’s questions. And those who feel within themselves that there must be something different, in their search for truth, often fall prey to strange and dangerous sects.

The first thing that will allow the awakening of consciences will be to follow the ninth Path. The Path of Knowledge, based on Science. The other Paths and the religions born from them will lose their established value in the future. And they will have to adapt to this one Path that allows you to have all the knowledge.

It is a path that encompasses all the previous eight, in particular the path of reason. His Master has yet to manifest. He too will draw on secret wisdom and mystical doctrines, laying the foundations for the humanity of the new era. Knowing full well that the seeds of today will certainly sprout tomorrow, even if in existences yet to come.