The esoteric vision of existence meaning

In the esoteric vision of Existence, there is no doubt that the one who has embarked on a spiritual path places himself in a particular way towards the why of existence. And by overcoming the static vision, enclosed between birth and death, he finds himself embracing the vision of becoming. Of the uninterrupted cycle of evolution involution, up to complete liberation, through one’s own transmutation.

Everything will be seen with different eyes, therefore everything will be different. And other needs, not satisfactory in the world of matter, will require attention and commitment.

This will lead the person to consider himself as a wanderer, a foreigner in his own country. And he was a stranger among those who until then were family, friends, and acquaintances. A new sensitivity will arise in him, but as insensitivity to what was previously considered precious, it will accompany him.

Some will come to see this life as a condemnation to which they are subjected before being reunited. Not understanding that in reality, it is not by estranging ourselves from others that we will achieve liberation, but by measuring ourselves against them and with ourselves.

Esoteric view of life

Personally, I have always seen our life cycle as a test we are subjected to. Always governed by judgment, always poised between advancing or retreating along the evolutionary ladder. A path of warriors, of heroes who attack the sacred doors. Eager with a sword in hand to break through the opponents. But the real and ultimate adversary lies within us. He prevents us from coming into contact with the atom of atoms. With the monad that is inherent in us, through the illusion and deception of this world.

We contain deep inside, hidden and almost forgotten, the Essence, the spark, the flame of all that was the Father of all. Essence is part of us, but centuries of evolution – involution in the matter has relegated it to being a forgotten specter, drowned by the tentacles of psychological aggregates.

And our dragging on recurrence after recurrence consists precisely in the awakening of our Essence. In such a way that we could know and then rejoin, in an infinite ecstasy, with all that is.

Triple is the vision that leads to ecstasy

Creation, creative principle, the creator. This is the research that must be carried out by those who are esoteric or rather those who have embarked on a path of light. But to achieve such a result, we must work with sacrifice and passion on ourselves.

To be present.
Being able to observe the impulses of our actions.
Being able to do the Work, of interior cleansing.

Otherwise, we thus waste one of our possibilities, without being functional to the design. As we are functional to the design, only when our consciousness is awakened. Thus reborn New Men, leaving behind our current form of man-machine. Subjugated to the drives and compulsions of the ego and the fascination of matter.

Obviously, this purpose implies is an intimate work on ourselves of crumbling the stone. Which presupposes a direct relationship, and without mediation, with the Creator, with the creative principle, and with creation. This is fundamental, since everything that is given to us is not ours, and everything that is not given to us is not useful to our hearts.

We have to go back to the light, where we came from because there is a flame of light in us. Our job is to look for it, look after it and make it blaze like a sacred fire.