The individual who knows themselves knows where to go

The individual who knows himself knows where to go. We are all committed to the journey of life. In one way or another, we have to make decisions and take responsibility. If we decide not to decide, it means that we have decided to let ourselves be carried away by events, like a ship without a captain and a route to follow.

During the journey of growth, one should acquire greater self-awareness and give shape to the psycho-existential dimension which includes outlining a clear plan of life. If the individual does not have desires and aspirations to achieve, he falls into existential emptiness, into mental laziness, into the immobility of enterprise.

I remember clearly all my years in which I was spinning in circles, like a crazy top that crashes all over the place without ever following a precise direction. Living without a purpose is to fall into the abyss of daily anguish, it is to feel a sense of estrangement from oneself that generates an invasive and profound malaise. It is like being in a tunnel, feeling suffocated and not finding the way out.

An arrow without a bow is useless. An arrow with a bow but without a target can be thrown in the wrong direction and cause damage. This is why it is important to know yourself and work to get in touch with the intimate feeling area.

Not knowing can generate the desire to rely on the first support that is found in order to feel alive. The feeling of not existing is a source of countless dysfunctional behaviors. To get out of the dark forest of non-knowledge it is advisable to make a move and find a way to get to clarify within oneself.

The truth is within us, when we are born we are the custodians of a wealth of potential to be developed. Starting this journey is like an inner rebirth that brings peace, harmony, and solidity. This is why the individual who knows himself knows where to go.