The Soul during life according to Kabbalah

The Soul of all the problems that philosophy deals with is that of our essence and its immortality. Everywhere and at all times, the systems and doctrines on this subject have expressed themselves with evident contradictions. And the word soul has served to designate the most varied concepts of existence and the most varied shades of being.

Of all these doctrines, sometimes antagonistic, undoubtedly the oldest is that of Kabbalah. Passed orally it goes back to the origin of the human species. And therefore perhaps in part, it is also the product of that unobscured intelligence. Of that penetrating spirit towards the truth, which according to the ancient mystical tradition man possessed in his primordial state.

Although nature is a complex whole, according to Kabbalah, we nevertheless find three distinct aspects in it – the body, the soul, and the spirit. They differ from each other as concrete, particular and universal, so that one is a reflection of the other. And each one, even in himself, offers this threefold distinction.

The Soul, the human personality

The first aspect, the body, with its triple modality. The second, the soul, seat of the will-intellect, which properly constitutes the human personality, with its triple expression. The third, the spirit, with its three powers. These three aspects of man are not completely distinct and separate. But they are one inside the other like the colors of the spectrum. Which, although they follow each other, cannot be completely distinguished because they are fused into each other.

Starting from the body, and through the soul, ascending to the highest degree of the spirit, all gradations are found. Like when you go from shadow to light to penumbra. Inversely, from the highest parts of the spirit to the gross physical ones. All shades of radiation are covered, just as light passes into darkness through twilight.

Now, according to Kabbalah, the man instead of living in Divinity and constantly receiving from her the influence he needs. He immersed himself more and more in self-love and in the world of error. From the moment of his fall or soon after, to leave his eternal center for the periphery. This descent and the ever-greater distancing from Divinity. They have resulted in a decay of powers in human nature, and therefore in all of humanity.

The divine spark has darkened more and more in man and has lost the intimate union with God. Due to this general decay and the partial relaxation of the bonds between the elements. The lower part which was originally a luminous body in man has become our material body. Therefore man was subjected to dissolution in the three main parts of his constitution.