The source symbolizes birth, life, and death

The Source has a great esoteric value, water is the source of life, the matrix which in the form of amniotic fluid and primordial waters preserves and initiates life. In ancient cosmogonies, water, a primordial component, is a vital principle understood as a means of regeneration.

In the form of rain, it makes the earth fertile and fruitful. In fact, the infinitely small drop contains the infinitely large, just as the seed contains all the information to follow up on the development of life. Water is a subtle element, in fact in the form of vapor it rises to the sky and is impregnated with astral energies.

It then returns to Earth in the form of rain, fertilizing it with the energies captured in the subtle dimension. The Earth benefits from the information received from water for its continuous evolution. In the theory of the four traditional elements, Water ranks third, after Fire and Air and before Earth.

Symbology of the Source

This position between the Air and the Earth belongs to it as regards the movement allowed by its structure. Geometrically an inverted equilateral Triangle with the vertex down, while the most immobile and easily moldable element is the Earth, the most solid of all elements, symbolically represented by the Square.

The water source represents the feminine par excellence, as it is extremely adaptable, passive, and receptive. In fact, in the liquid state, it is flexible and changes its shape. It adapts to circumstances, bypassing the obstacles it encounters in its path.

From the source where it is born, it slowly reaches the sea, becoming first a stream and then a river. All this is a process of continuous transformation which is its true strength. This element flows deep into the Earth. It pierces the dark and dense matter, returns to the surface bringing with it secret energies.

In fact, through the water, there is the primordial initiation, purification, under the ritual form of baptism. Being a passive element, it has calm and temperance as its virtues. The cardinal point is the west, the season is autumn.