The spiritual person takes care of the soul

Being a spiritual person does not mean being perfect, loving unconditionally, and putting yourself completely at the service of others, this belongs to the Saints and the great Masters and is a very rare gift. A gift that requires so much devotion an indissoluble faith and a lot of sacrifices.

Being spiritual people means that we are taking care of our soul, that we are taking care of this part of us, the inner part that until now we had forgotten or voluntarily put aside. This is why a therapist or any light operator does not necessarily have to be perfect, in perfect health, love everyone unconditionally and serve others by sacrificing himself.

Each of us is human, perfectly imperfect, those people who contain holiness are rare and are also well distributed on our planet. So put hypocrisy aside and realize that every person is human and is subject to the laws of imperfection.

Who helps others are often under the magnifying glass and are not good, you have to start from this assumption, they are people like you! They are human beings who are taking a particular path and who have decided to share it with others, but they continue to evolve, learn, and grow like you, with you.

It is not true that a good light operator must necessarily be perfect because he is human! Take what you need from him and leave everything else, do not stop to judge.

Look for someone who resonates with your feeling, with your heart, do not turn to someone just because someone else has indicated it to you. Investigate, try to know it, listen to it, and above all open your heart as you do it.

This does not mean that he will have to be a perfect person since perfection on the human level does not exist! So be softer, more elastic, and welcoming, and ask the Universe to bring you closer to the people you need because both for good and bad will help you evolve.

Remember that being a spiritual person means being souls who are beginning or who have started to take care of your spirit. Nobody can take care of the spirit of another, can accompany him, help him, support him, but the job is up to you only, towards yourself, whether you are ordinary people, special people, therapists or whatever, all of you are subject to the law of human imperfection!