The warrior archetype requires us to be brave and strong

The warrior archetype requires us to be brave, upright, and strong. And capable of setting goals for ourselves and reaching them, of escaping the boundaries that imprison us, and setting out to conquer the world.

The warrior archetype is generally activated in all situations in which we must learn to defend ourselves and our borders. Or protect someone from threats and aggression.

The Warrior requires a solid commitment to one’s integrity, requires self-discipline, steadfastness, and a sense of honor. Warriors live and when needed they fight for their ideas or values, even when this costs a lot in economic and social terms.

The Warrior Archetype, guardian of the door of the heart

He must be so vigilant as to recognize every slightest attack on our psychophysical integrity. He must use the organs of sight and smell well to be alert to dangers and potential invaders.

It is the ability to say No, say Out of my life, and exclude those who do not show respect. Who does not knock and does not respect the rules that we give to ourselves in our home, in our space.

However, the Warrior can become excessively hard, rigid, a lover of competition and victory at any cost. The Warrior tends to judge, rationalize and separate what is considered a sign of weakness. Tenderness, sensitivity, fragility, acceptance, understanding, and tolerance are often objects of repulsion and contempt.

The warrior archetype development period 14 – 21 years

Planet – Mars
Zodiac sign – Aries
Third astrological house – Communication with the surrounding environment (Gemini)
Axis of energy – Warrior – Creator – Sage

Quality – willpower
Self-affirmation, courage, self-denial, ability, reliability, self-discipline, firmness, technology, strategy, ability to choose and to cut, ability to say no, sense of honor, respect, dignity.

Shadow – Violence
Hardness, rigidity, judgment, insensitivity, cruelty, intolerance, use of power over the weakest, bullying, prevarication, competition, need to win, violence against oneself (masochism), against others (sadism)

Purpose in life – Establish and defend your borders, establish yourself, win, make your way, fight and conquer, set goals and work to achieve them

Fear – Of being killed, being weak, being powerless, being humiliated.

Relationship with the Dragon – Problem
He faces it, engages in combat accepting the risk of death, because it can end in two ways: kill or be killed

Lesson to learn – Fight only for what really matters, don’t give in to provocations, select people who can enter your space, be able to say no without being violent.