Umabel 61st Kabbalah Angel Prayer Meditation

Umabel 61st Kabbalah Angel qualities are tolerance and harmony with others, sincerity, gratitude, charity, fairness, love for music, an inclination for professions related to astronomy and physics.

On an emotional level, this angel gives the person a (big solar heart), a heart that has reasons that go far beyond those of reason, full of good insights that will come true leading to deserved successes.

Argilon the angel of the Abyss, opposite the works of Umabel, represents enmity and mistrust. It leads to narcissism, abuse, and a tendency to intoxicating habits, mistrust, and closures towards people, consequently loneliness and difficulty in having friends.

Umabel 61st Kabbalah Angel Meditation

The Truth to be known, connected to this meditation is that Water is not a trivial physical element, but is the element that connects all beings more than any other and offers purification and healing.

On the physical plane, we have to imagine water as a single element of which we are literally part (remember that the human body is mainly made up of water), and not only on the quantum plane, even if in our physical dimension the parts seem to each other separate.

In reality, they are so as the water that we confine from the river to a glass appears separate: beyond our perceptions, in reality, it continues to be part of the mass of water that penetrates the world.

All the dirt and intoxication we carry in our bodies (which also always reaches the soul – and vice versa) belongs to water pollution. From a spiritual point of view, even more importantly, according to Kabbalah and practically all religions, water is the Light of God made manifest in the physical world.

Even in our most widespread religion, Christianity, all the Marian apparitions are connected to the gushing of healing springs. For all these reasons, water pollution is not only a material fact but a crucial indicator of the unhappiness of the planet: it is both cause and effect of moral anguish that grips humanity.

Meditation is called water because its vibration helps to bring the waters back to their original crystalline, incorrupt, and thaumaturgical state.

Now focus your vision on the Umabel, Guardian Angel Name, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself permeate deeply and long by its meaning, pronounce this intention: for the vibration of this Name the waters of the Earth are purified, the forces of healing and immortality.

61th Kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born from 21 to 25 January. Other days of Umabel’s presence on earth May 21, August 5, October 17, December 28, March 9th, every day from 20.00 am. to 20.20 am. Zodiac position from 1st to 5th Aquarius. 61th Guardian Angel Prayer – Psalm 113 verse 2